The Moral Vote: Do Christians need to cast a moral vote?

By Kennon D. Olison Sr.– Ministering Evangelist at N. Tenneha COC in Tyler, TX | November 1, 2012

In this political season, people have already or will soon cast a votefor the President of the United States of America. Once every four years thesepolitics spill over into the Christian church and the age old debate begins.Over and over again, Christians are told they must cast a “godly” or “moral”vote. “Vote for the candidate who is closer to the view of God” consistentlyrings out from pulpits and rallies across the nation. However, what many fail to realize is that there is no moral vote.There is no candidate that stands on the principles of scripture. Oh, I knowthey can say they are, but with a little examination we will conclusively notethat they are not. For example, some say: {{more}} “President Obamais a champion for abortion. A Christiancan never vote for such things!” But then this reasoning is somehow overlooked when it is pointed outthat Governor Romney has a platform that supports abortion in cases of rape andincest. When this is explained to many republican supporters, they will reply: “Well only fewunborn children killed is better than a thousand unborn children killed.” While this author agrees that abortion is a sin before the Lord, hedisagrees that killing less unborn children is somehow more moral. No unbornchild should be slaughtered. A vote for any candidate who will slaughter unbornchildren is, in fact, an immoral vote. Wefavor adoption over abortion. WHAT ABOUT GAY MARRIAGES? PRESIDENT OBAMA SUPPORTS THAT AND IT’S A SIN Yes, it is a sin. The President clearly has an immoral position onthis. But so does the Governor. The Republican platform supports civil unions,and promises to give many of the same rights and privileges to civil unions andmarried people. This is also immoral. I know what the Republican platform says because I am a Republican. Aconservative Republican at that. Gay marriage is against God’s law. So isabortion, even in cases of rape and invest. So, then, who do we vote for? This article is not to sway a person to vote one way or the other. But,it is to inform the Christian that there is no such thing as a “moral vote”. Avote for our President supports a person whose religion is mixed withChristianity, Islam and even Black Liberation Theology. A vote for the Governorsupports a person whose religions support polygamy, bigotry, baptism of deadbodies and a wealth of other things that are simply not supported by scripture. Cast your vote for the person who you believe will do that best job asPresident. A vote for a person based on morality is a clever rouse. There is nomoral candidate and there is no moral vote. When I hire a mechanic I do notcheck his view on abortion. When I hire a plumber I do not check his view ongay marriage. When I hire a carpenter I do no check to see if he is a believerin Christ. I want my mechanic to fix my car. I want my plumber to fix my sink.I want the best person for the job.When you vote, vote for the person that youbelieve will serve the country best. We are hiring a President, not a preacher.May the Lord’s will be done in the selection of our leaders.