The Modern American Great Depression of 2014

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By Elliot S. Fitzgerald | March 1, 2014

The new “Great Depression”. That’s what some people are calling this current economic downturn that we are living inn. I tell you w hat.If we are not in an economic depression then it sure feels like we’re inn one that’s for sure.A sure sure sign of a Country’s economic instability is the overall shortage of food. The abundance of food or the lack thereof is always one of the surest ways to measure the overall economic health of a Country. {{more}}With that being said, America looks to be in dire trouble. If you are feeling more hungry than usual, I assure you, you are not al one.Recently, in one State in America, the Federal food stamp agency actual l y issued out digital video recording devices to recipients receiving food stamps and then encouraged the recipients to actual l y go around in their cities and record on the digital video dev ice w hat it is like being hungry . Imagine that:Imagine already being weak and hungry, possibly getting just enough food stamp benefits to probably survive on from one day until the next and then some Federal agency has the audacity to request that you walk around filming your life of poverty.It’s absolutely absurd in my opinion. And even more than being absurd, it’s just downright disrespectful.Perhaps the question that needs to be asked in a situation like the one that I have e just described is what has happened to com passion between fellow human beings?As a society have we become so ruthless and compassionless as to kick a person when they are down in this sort of way?If the objective behind the food stamp benefit program is suppose to be to help a person to get back up on their feet would it be fair toSay that actions such as the distribution of digital recording dev ices might actual l y wind up making the person receiving benefits feel even further demeaned and degraded?Shame on the Federal agency for exploiting the poor and needy in such s cruel manner.The End