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The meaning of Success may be best written in Crayon

By Jeremy Ray



As a former Student of Cisco Jr. College, I walked into what is now Kingdom Builders International Ministries and was blown away. Occupying the eastern end of the building is Sonny Dayz Success Academy, “We’re not your traditional Daycare” stated co-founder Dr. Kalyana Bethel better known as “Dr. B”. The entire facility is very clean and spacious; plenty of room for growth, but be assured that every square inch is utilized and is a part of the learning experience; the founders seem to have carefully calculated every decision to ensure SUCCESS for their recipients. Why success, well, “God wants for His people to be successful.” answered Dr. B. {{more}}I, like many alumni of CJC could tell you exactly where various classrooms were and where we were headed after leaving here, but I soon realized that my past pursuit of a higher education may be minute compared to the success stories that will soon originate here. Those past stories of accolades could be overshadowed by the early start in the direction of success that our children could receive presently, right here, in a place that was once called Abilene Educational Center is now Kingdom Builders International Ministries and Sonny Dayz Success Academy. “My desire is to reach kids in a way most of us weren’t reached.” stated Erica Ray, no relation. Erica is an ACU graduate with her masters in Social Work and she is also the director of Sonny Dayz Day Camp. The daycare will launch a school readiness initiative known as the Sonny Success Express August 10th thru the 21st. The program will focus on, yes, you guessed it, SUCCESS PRINCIPLES for ages 6 thru 12. Other services offered by the daycare include before and after school care ages 0 thru 12 and childcare hours are 6am to 6pm. The daycare is only a part of the whole. The Bethels are a husband and wife team who also conduct classes for “Together in Texas”. “It was good. It taught us how to work things out, to not stop doing what you started doing, and to communicate.” answered Maxine Goodman, a participant of Together in Texas. The ministry also focuses on time management, money management, and so much more. What’s interesting is that many of these values are taught to the youngest of their members. It’s clear that this particular ministry understands and values Success. To learn more about The Kingdom Builders International Ministries, please call 325-675-5700 or visit 841 N. Judge Ely Blvd, if you’re visiting the daycare go to the side of the building and use the second door.

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