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The March: To Honor Dr. Martin Luther King

By Joe Starkey



For most of the people involved in the walk to honor Martin Luther King, it’s a fairly short stroll from the marker over the bridge and back. For a group of teens this year it was a much longer walk. Students from AISD started from the Minda Street Church of Christ and walked from there to the official start point and after most marchers had gotten back into their cars continued their celebration of the March {{more}} by walking back to their starting point. The group had members of the Minda Street Church of Christ and Macedonia Baptist Church. Their joyful enthusiasm was wonderful to watch and experience. The weather was good and all marchers enjoyed the day. They walked singing praises and getting acquainted with the marchers next to them and greeting old friends.Prior the march, the founder of the Abilene March was introduced to the crowd and Dr. Edward J. Robinson inspired the marchers saying “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons and daughters of God.” from Matthew 5:9. He continued stating “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a peacemaker. When Dr. King participated in marches across the country, he and his supporters were attempting to arouse the conscience of the nation to champion the causes of racial equality and social justice.Today’s march is designed to commemorate Dr. King whose selflessness helped topple the barriers of racial discrimination. Dr. King and his supporters did not fight for the rights of African Americans only; but they fought for the rights of all Americans—Anglo Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans. In short, all Americans and all peoples.Dr. King did not fight with swords and machine guns; instead, he fought with words of wisdom and with acts of love. Today’s march, then, is a march of love, a march of peace, and a march of racial unity.”The march did inspire as blacks, white and Hispanics walked and talked together to create a better future.

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