“The Firefly”

By Jack Walker | August 1, 2013

NOTE: I’ve opted for a different genre instead of an opinion but it still grips firmly with my usual motivation/inspiration theme that is based on my life or someone in my circle so to speak that may provide the inspiration itself… This is dedicated to anyone that has lost someone or something they’ve held dear to them. Break it down however you see fit, my mission as always is only that is simply touches your life in some way shape or form . . . “The Firefly” There’s a firefly that follows me, Like the midnight wind that swallows me . . . Her flicker floats like angels’ wings, Waking me as song birds sing . . . I will not catch her in a jar, I’d rather watch her from a far . . . {{more}} For when she visits me at night, My eyes are drawn to such a sight . . . And when she dances in the dark, She’s seen in me she’s left her mark . . . Her elegance was my delight, Until she drifted, out of sight . . . And where she’s gone; I do not know, Though I will wait to see her glow . . . And just in case she won’t return, My journey furthers as I learn . . . To stare again with gentle love, And one day watch another bug . . . -JW “Angel of God my guardian dear, To whom God’s Love commits me here, Ever this day be at my side, To light and guard; to rule and guide . . . “