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The Dreamer

By Henry Nelson



Genesis 37:1-32 Ibelieve each one of us has a dream placed in our hearts, not the kind of dreamlike winning the lottery which is really the desire to escape our presentcircumstances. I am talking about a vision deep down inside that speaks to thevery soul. The thing we were born to do, that draws from our gifts and talents,appeals to our highest ideals, sparks the feeling of destiny in our life and isinseparably linked to our purpose in life, the dream that links us to thesuccess of our journey between the lines of a time to be born and a time todie.Iwant to talk about dreamers, hopefully I will be talking about you. In Genesis37 we read of a dreamer by the name of Joseph. His dreams spans from the 37chapter to the last chapter of Genesis, chapter 50. Quite a dream, but than arenot dreamers filled with dynamic vision. Look at verse 5 as we peer into hisdream We have the advantage of reading ahead,to see the fulfillment of his dream. But it was not easy. No visionary willhave an easy time. Joseph felt the jealousy of others, in this case, his ownbrothers. Joseph was almost killed for the dream by them. Sold into slavery wasnot quite the picture of the dream. Young, handsome, the object of seduction.Joseph did not lose sight of the dream despite the difficulties, remainingfaithful to God and the dream. Joseph did not give in to Potiphar’s wife so he wasfalsely accused by her of attempted rape. Her word against his, the owneragainst the slave. We know without reading ahead who would win that battle. {{more}}Potiphar has him jailed, that should be enough to end this dreamer’s vision ofthe future. But it did not. The opposition worked as a refiners fire in hislife. Now he is able to be used of God to interpret the dreams of a cupbearerand baker of the Pharaoh, which opens the door for interpreting the Pharaoh’sdream and the eventually fulfillment, in God’s time, of his own dream.Thepath of dreamers usually follows a similar pattern. Their dreams are notgenerally accepted for some time. But it does not stop the dreamer. Henry Fordhad a dream that grew out of his interest in mechanical things as a boy. He wasintrigued by the automobile, built his first one out in a shed behind hishouse. His dream was to put the horseless carriage, at that time only availableto the wealthy, into the hands of the common person. He helped form the DetroitMotor Company,where his fellow organizers balked at the idea of manufacturing their productinexpensively in order to sell to the masses. Ford left the company, but he didnot leave his dream. In 1903 he organized the Ford Motor Company and producedthe Model T. The first year, only 6,000 cars were built, but only 8 yearslater, over 500,000 cars a year rolled off the line. They were able to reducethe cost from $850 to $360, Ford’s dream, like Joseph’s, came to pass. Pleasevisit our website at for the rest ofMr. Nelson’s sermon.

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