The Bottom Unlimited Opportunity

By Floyd Miller | November 2, 2016

Many of you know that I operate a Financial Services business. Over the last 33 years we have had some turbulent markets, during those times I would get calls asking do you think we have reached the bottom yet. Some clients ask this question because they are unnerved by the turmoil but others know that if they buy close to the bottom that the opportunities are greater for gain. {{more}}We have all heard the phrase he or she will not change until they hit rock bottom. In fact some of the most dedicated Christians today are those that hit rock bottom.This brings me to politics, in a few days we will elect one of the most polarizing Presidents in Americas History no matter which one wins. I think as a country we have reached the bottom. Where do we go from here? I think the first thing we do is put God back in the process. He really did not show up on either side this year. Please don’t insult God by saying your candidate was his choice. God does not know which one will come to power but that is not the same as an endorsement. I am not for a state religion but I do believe that we should try to select individuals that adhere to good morals and ethics.I also believe that in the meantime whoever is elected that we should pray for them that they use wisdom and make wise decisions. We certainly will not agree with everything the new president sets out to do but we can act like a civilized group of people. I think if we pull together, if we talk with each other, and look to our Heavenly Father and his teachings, we will be much better off. If we will do these things the opportunities are unlimited as we work our way off the bottom.