The Blessing in Disguise

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By Jack Walker | December 1, 2012

As the holiday season has arrived much to the delight of themasses worldwide, people have started preparing to give and receive as thistime of year arguably brings about more gifts and blessings than any otherperiod on the calendar. Happiness andcheer are much more consistent than normal, given that this time usually evokessuch positive emotions. New goals areset and driven objectives surface, bad habits are dispatched and revivals andreframing are initiating in whirl away pace. Forthese and many other reasons this time frame is a present in itself, a gift andblessing for believers everywhere. Thatbeing said, it’s without hesitation that one examines a peculiar blessing thatwe often tend essentially disregard extravagantly. This is a blessing so profound and perplexingalike the minutia that surrounds it is almost like that of a stigma however ina more positive light. This is theblessing in disguise . . . {{more}} Haveyou ever been in a relationship that was so toxic and distracting to your own livelihoodthat the misery was such a hindrance it was difficult to even eat orsleep? Perhaps you found yourselfworking at a dead end job that gave you no self worth or fulfillment whatsoeverbut you couldn’t resign because you would set yourself back economically? Maybeyou had a habit so awful and destructive your life no longer seemed worthliving and as a result of the immense dependence the ordeal accommodatedconsequently you had no choice but to continue the horrid indulgence. Although we often dismiss the recovery fromthese aforementioned pitfalls the common denominator that delivered us was ablessing in disguise. Let’sbegin a further analysis. When oursignificant other that we were in that treacherous and completely unhealthyrelationship with decided to run off, although the bond was awful on allaccords we still felt a sense of panic and seemed devastated because we hadbeen with that person for so long or shared some worthwhile memories we assumedcould never be eclipsed. As time beganto heal the situation and the hole in our being was slowly filled we now lookback and feel relieved beyond imagination and have been strengthened withindependence and wisdom to realize what could potentially cause downfall infuture romantic ties. When she left itwas a blessing in disguise. Goingdeeper, recall the lack of pride and financial bind that we seemed doomed andin bondage by an occupation that was sought as a temporary means to make endsmeet until greater opportunity revealed itself.Our attitude and work ethic amidst that position may have propelled usto a more lucrative and stable profession that illuminated us with value andprestige. Maybe we were even laid off orterminated for behind unfair circumstance and during the freshly imposed hiatusstumbled across a much more meaningful occupation. Had we not been severed from the old job wewould have been oblivious to such a new worthwhile foundation. Relinquishing the prior outfit was a blessingin disguise. Evencloser now look at the gift of desperation.We were slowly killing ourselves by abusing what started as a luxury andbecame necessity. Our constant need toconsume a deadly poison as a result of the gradual dependence trapped us in a self-made prison and we could do nothing as weabandoned ourselves and our closest bonds, lost our most valued possessions andsuffered severe consequences as the result of our uncontrollableobsession. The unmanageability had botha mental as well as physical affliction.When we had finally hit a rock bottom in our life and our only shot atsurvival was to reach out for help we thought we would never need. Possibly we were even apprehended throughlegal intervention and suddenly although it initially appeared dooming andhopeless, we detoxed and were introduced to life-saving alternatives. Our life was resurrected; whether the ordealwas forced or not we were refined, awakened and grew spiritually. The door to the jail cell slamming was ablessing in disguise. Nowhopefully much enlightened; make no mistake about it: the blessings that extendbeyond materialistic dividends are indeed the greatest and mostempowering. Furthermore, as the seasonprogresses towards the climax of our traditions be mindful never to neglect thesubtle gifts we receive so unknowingly or masked by confusing false inhibitionsand pessimistic frame of mind. So to allthe believers out there: Happy Holidays and remember . . . Count yourblessings.