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Texas rapper David Chris releases album in Abilene!

By Sienna Miller



On August the 24th, Dallas rapper David Chris swept through the cities of both Abilene and Sweetwater Texas. He and his executives did so in an effort to promote and release his album. The album release took place at the Hastings Books Music and Videos store located at 4654 South 14th Street. He sold copies, signed autographs of his poster and even gave a free T-shirt, to all CD buyers on that day. I stopped by to get some coverage of the event. Hastings music department head Tamera was asked how she felt to help host David Chris and his crew. “It makes me feel great! We’re really proud to have him here.” During the course of her workday, she stopped to say, “We’re always open to helping new and upcoming artists!” David Chris took some time {{more}} from his adoring fans, to speak with the Tribune.A real down to earth guy, who is on a mission and road to success. I began by asking…Could you tell me the name of your album that you’re promoting here today? He responded, “Absolutely! It’s David Chris Texas…like Dallas Texas, it’s David Chris Texas.” When asked what specifically brought him to this city David Chris mentions that his CEO’s are from Sweetwater and Abilene. “ It’s a lot of love in West Texas, so we came out here to promote in this market as well. Just as we hit Houston and Dallas and other popular markets, we wanted to come out here and do the same, and give it the same treatment as we give others.” Not too far from home, David Chris mentions that he is from Dallas Texas. “South, Dallas Texas.” He adds. He’s quick to make mention that the following night he will be performing in Sweetwater at the Azteca Sports Bar and Grille. Do you have a myspace that you’d like for people to access? I asked. Without hesitation, he responded, “If you go to, it takes you straight to my myspace. So I make it simple.” Simple is nice for fan access, however his album, music and purpose are far from that.David Chris remembers when it all began for him. “I guess when I got started with the music, I was in high school…people kind of knew me for rapping.” He mentions that even back then; he had a creative mind. “I stared putting my business sense into it and it just started moving!” He goes on to tell how involved he became with the music itself. “Now I can’t stop. It’s in me!” Chief Executive Officer of Starvin’ Artist Records, Craig A. Sweet remembers the first time that he met artist David Chris. “I’ve been knowing David since he was a young kid.” Says Sweet. At that time , David Chris walked into his studio and asked if he could work at the studio in order to learn. Sweet mentions that he saw a great deal of talent in David Chris. “Years later, we’re at a point now, where he’s ready to become the very next major player in the industry.” Says Sweet. But his enthusiasm for David Chris doesn’t stop there. Craig Sweet has been a part of this evolution and considers himself privileged to be working with David Chris. “I mean, he’s a very, very intelligent guy. He can hold his own in any environment.” Adds Sweet. Even before his recent launch…David Chris has already navigated through many different environments. Some of those environments include previous and recent performances with other artists. David Chris performed at the end of august in Tulsa Oklahoma with Houston rapper Chamillionaire. More recently, he was in Alaska on Sept 23rd performing with Atlanta’s rapper Bow Wow . Quick to make his mark on the lines of music he mentions this, “We got some more stuff coming up in Dallas. I did something a couple of weeks ago in Houston with Trey.” While all of this is impressive, it is not just the beginning for David Chris’ work with other artists. “I mean, I’ve done shows with so many…” David Chris goes on to tell that he has opened for R-Kelly, Swishahouse, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Lil Ke Ke and UGK several times. He pauses for a moment “Man, I’m drawing a blank…Erika Badu, Musiq Soul Child, you know, all sides.” He thrives from the diversity that these particular artists bring to the table. “So no matter what it is, it’s like…I’m from the hood, and a lot of people from the hood connect with my music.” While staying connected to his roots he doesn’t stop there “…but, I’m an intelligent dude, and I try to relay that. I’ve always got something to say, so its not just the same words. It’s not just refurbished or regurgitated words and music. It’s something that’s refreshing, that’s going to prick your thoughts.” When it comes to the message of his music on the album, David Chris stresses that it is not just one-dimensional. “It’s a lot of club songs, there are some street songs…but then there are some songs that uplift you. You know that let you know that I feel your pain. I’m a “starvin’ artist” so I understand what it’s like to have a dream and it take the backburner sometimes, or for it to not come through and you want it to.” Says David Chris. His ability to relate to people as a whole is one of the reasons why he is moving at the rate in which he is. Radio DJ “Just Plain Paul” of Cumulus station Power 103.7 was also in the midst of the album release at Hastings, while doing a live broadcast. When asked how it felt to be representing David Chris, he had a lot to say about him and the event as a whole. “It feels great. It’s always nice to see people out here kind of loving the music, and being out here for the right reasons. I mean, we get artists who will do either phone interviews or come out for a show or something. They kind of act with the holier than thou attitude. But David Chris is real down to earth. He’s been real good to us and he’s just been real good with the people.” Says Just Plain Paul. When it came to explaining David Chris as a person, this DJ had no delays. Ending with, “He’s all about the music, and that’s what it needs to be about. It’s all about the music and the fans!” In addition to all of the media, radio Tejano station Star 106.3 also came out to represent David Chris. Starvin’ Artist Records Representative Taz Herrera who also works for Star 106.3 was there. Taz talks about getting the call that David Chris was interested in working with him. “ I got a call a couple of weeks ago that there was a hip-hop artist looking for me. When you hear that, you’re like…what is all of that about?” Herrera may have been taken at that moment, but he is no stranger to working with talented artists. “I’ve worked with a lot of big Tejano Artists.” Says Herrera. To name a few, they are Chingo Bling, Frankie J and Baby Bash. Taz spoke very highly of David Chris and like others, he feels privileged to be working with him. Herrera ends with this, “He’s blowing up real fast, and I’m just glad to be a part of it!” Program Director Ben Gonzales of Star 106.3 who goes by “Candyman” was also present and doing a live broadcast. Gonzales shares that Star 106.3 has a few hours set aside for hip-hop music to be played. He mentions that while this is a Tejano station, the hip-hop broadcast has been going on for about seven years now. Radio hosts C-Dog, DJ Real and Lady Divine host the hip-hop broadcast on certain nights. When asked how he felt about meeting David Chris in person he says this, “That’s part of the job that I like, because you do get to meet the artists!” Gonzales is impressed with the attitude that artist David Chris displays. “He’s a very down to earth guy. I’ve seen him talk to just anybody, he’s been picking up kids…” Gonzales mentions how both the radio station and artists benefit from each other. “I mean we help them, they help us. We all work together in this. We play the music…he makes the music.” Says Gonzales. The music is what David Chris has brought here and across the globe. He shared a little inside preview of his album and the type of music he creates. In reference to the album David Chris says, “I got songs that talk real nice about women. One of them is Mrs. David Chris where we did an interpolation of the Beatles.” He speaks of this song with such passion. “It’s nice man…and it’s beautiful!” “The song that’s playing on the radio now is called Lights Out. But the DJ’s say, I wanna play this other one, I wanna play this other one!” he says referring to the Mrs. David Chris song. “So it’s fun to do different stuff. I like to keep it creative!” he adds. David Chris also mentions another song on his album entitled In My Life. He tells that the song talks about what goes around, comes around. “You know, I’m a Gemini so it’s in my nature to be a little vindictive sometimes.” Says David Chris. In reference to this song he says, “As I learn in life, sometimes if you just let people make it and let situations go…what’s yours will come around man. The light will shine on you, and what they got coming will come to them as well.” He feels good to know that he speaks from the heart on songs like this and others featured on his album. David Chris says that he listens to all types of music, but that his music deals specifically with rap. “They say hip-hop is dead and I think that is the farthest thing from the truth. The south has so much flavor, so much swing, so much swagger.” Says David Chris. He feels that music can be an individual thing. David Chris goes on to say this, “So what, some songs may not have the content in it that you want, but you just gotta look around it a little different. If you look at my CD, you’re gonna get plenty of it.” David Chris speaks vividly about his connection to the music. He explains the tattoos he has, and their relevance to the art form of song. “That’s what some of the tattoos represent, that this music is in me. You know its Starvin’ Artist for life!” he says about the music label he represents. “But that’s what it is…like this tattoo is sheet music, but then it turns into barbed wire…but it’s got musical notes on it, so it’s like the struggle, you know.” Did you come up with the design yourself? I asked. “Yeah” he responds. David Chris is no stranger to coming up with ideas and taking initiative on his own. According to CEO Craig A. Sweet, David Chris has got a good handle on the business.“ I’ve dealt with a lot of artists, and they’re not the type of artists that David is…they always want something for free.” Sweet tells that David takes initiative. “He’s the kind of guy that he’ll make a request, and if it doesn’t get done by me, he’ll go do it himself, because he’s that type of driven artist!” says Sweet. With a combination of life experiences, heartfelt rhythms and beats this album is sure to get one’s attention. David Chris’ kind of music speaks to many. “I speak from the streets. I speak for the people, probably the unsung heroes…folks who have a lot of things going on.” Says David Chris. He mentions the average single mother and the everyday working- class man that have much on their minds. It is to people like these that he relates and speaks to in his music. David Chris puts into words the very things that they might want to get off of their chests. “I say it myself, because I come from where they come from.” David Chris adds. David Chris mentions that he’s been on both sides of the tracks where you work hard for your money and at other times where you do things in the streets to get it. “So, I can feel your pain on both sides of the tracks, and that is where I come from.” Says David Chris. “…That’s Starvin’ Artist Records.” David Chris makes a point to stay grounded. It doesn’t take long to notice this about him when you’re in his presence. Tres Burke, also a partner with Starvin’ Artist Records feels that it is a pleasure to work with artist David Chris. “He’s one of the nicest young men.” Says Burke. “It’s amazing, you deal with all kinds of people…When you sit down with a guy like this, it’s great to be around someone who has his personality and charisma.” adds Burke. David Chris continues to speak on his connection to the people. He shares, “No matter how far up of a star one may be, there is always a starvin’ artist. Don’t forget where you come from, you stay humble and you stay grounded, because that’s what’s important. So that’s me. That’s my music.” He adds. What better way to stay grounded, than to re-pay childhood memories a visit. While here in Abilene, David Chris and his crew stopped by the Boys and Girls Club located at 1902 Shelton Street. He wanted to hang out with the kids and to offer them some words of encouragement. When asked what it was like, he responds “It was cool!” This place holds a special place in the young rapper’s heart. “I went to the Boys and Girls Club when I was a kid.” Says David Chris. Reminiscent of those times in his young life, he says that his visit gave him a good feeling. “To be able to go back to the Boys and Girls Club and shine a little light, let them have a little fun…let them get on TV so their friends could see it, you know all of that kind of stuff is good. It’s a positive reinforcement to kids that sometimes their future may be a little dim you know.” Says David Chris. His impression was certainly made there according to eleven-year old Gilbert Lomas of Ortiz Elementary. When asked what he thought about rapper David Chris’ attending the Boys and Girls club when he was younger, Lomas says, “Cool.” I asked what David Chris did on his visit there that day. Lomas responded by saying, “He talked about that he wished that his friends could go with him on the trip with Bow Wow and Chamillionaire, that his friends would be with him on shows.” Fifteen-year old Shanthony Cooper, a student at Cooper High School was also privileged to hear and meet rapper David Chris. She says that it made her feel good to know that he too attended the Boys and Girls Club when he was younger. Fannin Club House Site Director Duane Shackelford found David Chris’ visit to be of great value to the children. While rap is what he does, David Chris wanted for those children to believe that they could choose any career path and be successful in it. He makes a point to mention this, “No matter what, in the world…you can do it too!” Dreams coming true is a part of what Starvin’ Artist Records is all about. Partner Tres Burke says that he finds this fulfilling. “We’re just trying to back him up. See if we can’t make some dreams come true and make some people happy with some good music and some good memories. That’s what it’s all about!” In addition, Executive Burt Burnette is glad to be a part of this team. When asked what it felt like to be a part of the unfolding events locally, he said, “It’s very satisfying to me. I believe in a team concept, because Craig and I grew up together and Tres and I are obviously business partners in our law practice. We’re all kind of like family and David is part of that family!” He ends with this, “Whatever you give, comes back many times over.” Says Burnette. He mentions the positive family atmosphere in which they all work. “He’s a great positive person, and we’re a very positive team…so we’re going to do great things.” Says Burnette. When asked if he’d like to share anything else, rapper David Chris leaves us with this, “David Chris Texas, the album is out. Hit me up, I answer all of my comments and friends. Get at ya boy man. It’s good right now!”

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