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Texas Democrats on U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Regarding Voting Rights Act

By Floyd Miller



Texas Democrats on U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Regarding Voting Rights ActAustin, TX – Today, June 25th the U.S. Senate Committee on Judiciary will discuss the reauthorization of pre-clearance requirements within the Voting Rights Act and Texas State Senator Sylvia Garcia was invited to provide testimony.Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement:“The Voting Rights Act is essential to protecting the right of every Texan to vote. Last year, the Supreme Court stifled the Voting Rights Act and opened the doors to a new wave of voter discrimination. Right here in Texas, voters have been met with cumbersome voter identification requirements, and discriminatory redistricting. If Congress does not act to renew the Voting Rights Act, there’s no telling how much further Texas Republicans will go to stop dedicated voters from exercising their rights.“Today’s meeting will include invited testimony of State Senator Sylvia Garcia, who is the Vice Chair of the Senate Hispanic Caucus. I couldn’t be prouder of the work Senator Garcia has done in the Texas Senate and she is the voice Texans need to protect the Voting Rights Act. The Texas Democratic Party has a long history of fighting against discrimination of any kind and we are ready to stand up against this assault on voting rights.”

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