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Texas Big Game Awards

By Joe Starkey



The Texas Big Game Awards program is to make known to all citizens of the State of Texas the important role ethical hunting and habitat management plays in the lives of our young people and to the ecosystem over which we must be responsible stewards. {{more}} The annual dinner and silent auction gives recognition to the hunters in the state of Texas that harvest the highest scored entries, bit game harvests by youth and to recognize landowner/habitat managers for contributions to the big game of Texas.The awards recognize both the typical and atypical for each of the hunting counties in Texas. The dinner includes many educational displays and a silent auction of many the dream items for hunters. There were many displays to educate both hunters and land owners. One of these was a taxidermy display by Todd Hammer of Hammer’s Taxidermy. He does an excellent job on all types of game and is located on Elmdale Rd S. in Abilene. Daughter Sarah saw the bids at the silent auction and said “they are too low – this is for charity!” Thus armed with the moral support of my daughter, I went thru the auction looking for things I wished for and jumped the bids up to reasonable instead of the bargain basement attempts and ended up bidding on 6 or 7 items. I only got stuck with two and was happy to pay the price bid even if it was lower than the retail price. I got good value and the charity got a donation of more than $400.00. Editorial comment to people in Abilene – don’t look for bargains at charity silent auctions, give from your heart and cherish the item for the memory of giving instead of how cheap you were.

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