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Tenaska Open House Successful

By Helen Manroe



About 200 people attended the open house at the Sweetwater Middle School gym.Tenaska engineers, environmental experts and other project management leaders staffed stations inside the gym on plans for the power plant and its technology. They provided information and answered questions about the carbon capture and storage features, plant technology, dry cooling, coal fuel, by-products management, emissions controls, power transmission, benefits to wind energy, enhanced oil recovery, jobs, economic benefits, and state and federal legislation.{{more}}From our discussions with the Sweetwater area residents who attended, along with some from Abilene, we were able to give straight answers to any concerns and misunderstandings held about Trailblazer and its relationship to the community. A number of those attending expressed satisfaction or at least indicated an interest in pursuing further information independently.As one resident who owns land near the proposed TrailblazerHelen Manroe, Tenaska’s Manager, Business Development, speaking to an unidentified gentleman about the economic benefits of the project. Photo courtesy of Tenaska site said in a quote in the Abilene Reporter-News: “I think the process is to take an open mind and listen to the facts and not take stuff out of context.”The open house was just one piece of an ongoing effort to communicate with area residents. As always, our website,, contains up-to-date information on the project. In addition, Tenaska representatives are available to speak to groups and organizations, and our office in Sweetwater is open to all who have questions or want information.Larry Carlson, Tenaska’s Director, Air Programs, speaking to an unidentified group regarding air quality issues. Larry is the gentleman in the navy blazer. Photo courtesy of Tenaska

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