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Tell Mother ‘Thank You’ Before It’s Too Late

By Anynmous



Tell Mother “Thank You” Before It’s Too LateAnonymousIn my mind, Mother is always 50 –healthy, cheerful and supportive. She was never too busy to listen. No matter how muddled things were, she always came up with a logical solution that made sense to everyone.Now when I see my mother, slightly stooped attempting the challenge of taking the next step, I turn my head. It pains me to see that she really is getting old.Why does my mother’s aging bother me so? Why don’t I accept the reality that is clearly before me? Because to do so would be to acknowledge that one day I will lose her I refuse to accept the thought of her not being there for me. It is too painful.Who will I go to when she is not there? She is the one I could always count on, no matter what – never judging me, always ready to listen and send me in the right direction. So I go on pretending and deceiving myself — seeing her as 50 forever.If I admit that my mother really is getting old and that one day she will no longer be here, it means that finally I am the grown-up — and I am not ready for that.Where did the years go? I cannot answer that question. The only thing I know for certain is that I am very lucky to have had her.

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