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By Frances Gonzalez | October 1, 2012

Above the blue skieslies a heavenly picture relating to us There are angelsgathering laborers amidst our storm Pouring all theregrace from above connecting our hearts A team work ofcelestials matching two halves. A Real True Love Madein Heaven.   At times the windblows me one way, and then where least Expected, yousuddenly come from hiding…. The comfort zone thatseems to say…our heart needs healing Naturally, aging withexperience had its way. A Real True Love Madein Heaven. {{more}}   You with yourchildren and I with mine that spells busy… And past marriagesthat did not work There amidst thehorizon, we are surrounded by angels The team work from upabove gathering loved ones in the spiritualrealm here down below to help.. A Real True Love Madein Heaven.   Our past hurts battleto keep our hearts safe…. You with your prayersand I with mine….. Oh Lord…If there is aChristian man or woman out there Will you please showme clarity with your holy spirit A Real True Love Madein Heaven   If he or she is mymatch here in this world you created? Lord…help us withyour team of angels to see… And not hold back orfight our true feelings …before we age more in this life Use your team ofangels to help us see.. IF WE ARE A TRUE LOVEMADE IN HEAVEN