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Tea Party on Tax Day

By Joe Starkey



This year’s T E A Party on Tax day kicked off at 6 PM just as the rain started to come down steadily. For most things in Abilene, that is enough to get people headed for their cars and homes. For this party, the only movement was more people showing up and some umbrellas being unfurled. {{more}}Last year, there were people gathered on the corner at the Winsor and some carrying signs down the block in front of the post office. This year there were people on all four corners. The corner at the Winsor was too crowded to walk thru and probably 100 people listening from across the street. Others were applauding from the remaining street corners. People were still coming at 6:30 PM.Last year the main stream media was saying that the TEA parties would blow over but this year, they are talking about whether they will make a major difference in the next elections.An editorial comment from this writer: I have recently been to the TEA Party, a Republican affair and the recent Democratic function for Bill White. There are many complaints about old, white people running the government. Yet at these community level events here in Abilene, the faces that I saw were over 90% old, white people. If others fail to participate here where the basic decisions are made ¬– they will continue to lack a voice in our government.

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