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Taylor County Earns Safety Achievement Award from TAC Risk Management Pool

By Floyd Miller




AUSTIN —Taylor County has earned a 2020 Safety Achievement Award from the Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) for its record of commitment to safety in the workplace, as well as for controlling the county’s workers’ compensation claims.
To qualify for the award, the county must participate in TAC RMP’s Workers’ Compensation Program, have a safety program or accident prevention plan and meet additional criteria.
Through its commitment to safe practices among county employees, Taylor County works to reduce employee injuries and obtain substantial savings for taxpayers by minimizing workers’ compensation costs.
The county is one of 12 TAC RMP members statewide who have earned this award. The Award was presented during the Taylor County Commissioners’ Court meeting on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, at 9:00 AM.
Governed by a board of county officials, TAC RMP has provided counties with protection against risks and liabilities for 47 years. TAC RMP’s risk control programs and services, delivered to more than 412 members, help Texas counties promote safety and save tax dollars.

Taylor County has historically been known for creating a culture of safety. In 2019 and 2018, Taylor County was the recipient of the Excellence in Safety Award from the Texas Association of Counties.
In 2017, Taylor County was the recipient of the TAC Gold Star for Safety Award. Additionally, in 2017, Director of HR and Risk, Cathy Taff, was selected for the Making a Difference Award, demonstrating a strong commitment to the safety of Taylor County employees and the public which we serve.
Additionally, Taylor County was recognized with the County Safety Award in 2011, 2014, and 2015.

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