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Take Driving Precautions Seriously Avoid a Demolition Derby

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



Statistics get higher while the roads become more hazardous, and for whatever reasons that accidents occur individuals are sadly remembered more by other’s memories as they tell about their loved ones’ past story that even end up being in the front page of the newspapers at times. Cars were invented to improve our modes of transportation. Without them we could not run our necessary errands, yet it is up to us to take caution as drivers and drive with courtesy. It becomes an issue when outside distractions affect us behind the wheel and emergencies come up at times. This is even more of a reason that drivers need to take caution. There should be a rule that says, ‘leave our problems at home when you enter your car’ just like the workplace. Sometimes that is hard to do, and we cannot always prevent accidents from happening. I am not a perfect driver, yet I try my best to drive by the handbook rules that I learned when I first started driving. I want to share an experience I had a few nights ago which could have been deadly, and I probably would have also been a statistic, but thanks be to God I have lived to tell it. It was about 8:30pm and early night when I emerged slowly to continue forward on a green light and I had a vehicle behind me. I have had to get into the habit of looking twice or more both ways before going on since I recently had my car totaled last summer by somebody who passed thru a red light. Well, on this recent light I looked again, and had I not looked I would have driven right into a van that was speeding thru the red light. The van was driving pretty fast and not even paying attention. I honked the horn as I put on my brakes, astonished. I have also been hit two other occasions in my past by drivers who were under the influence of alcohol. One of the times I was 71/2 months pregnant with my first baby, and I had to be taken out with ‘jaws of life’ out of the window from a small car. My baby was monitored in ICU with me, and I was lucky we both survived. It is better when drivers take precaution and use a designated driver if they need to drink while out for the night. There are precious human beings in the other cars that deserve to live, and not have their lives taken from them because of a careless mistake made by a driver. I am not trying to scare people so they could panic, but then what actually happens when you are hit by a driver who is not in the right state of mind whether it is because of alcohol; because of their age; young or old, are inexperienced, are on a cell phone, or just plain reckless. There was a recent article about a young boy that was run over by a driver. He was very blessed to be alive. The driver could have been more cautious, but it is also up to the parents to keep their children protected and out of harm’s way. Young drivers and drivers that have driven a while are also learning how not to use the cell phone these days in school zones where children cross. Consequences like fines and jail time wait for those who disobey. We cannot always protect our children when they are teenagers and are away from the home. I do a lot of praying for my children. Teaching young children the rules of driving as parents at home is good to do and protecting them as much as we can before they leave home. During the holidays let’s remember to be alert and cautious before we enter into our cars. During the holidays there is more reason to be careful while driving. When there are parties with alcohol people still tend to drive themselves home without a designated driver.Travelers are also driving out of town to visit their families, and congested traffic can create a problem. Let’s all try to live longer and not just have a safe holiday, but watch your driving and be considerate for the other drivers and passengers.

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