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By Gary Bledsoe | May 1, 2010

Hello my good friends. I want to ask you to come forward and do what you can to help us prevent what might be an incredible miscarriage of justice. A conservative group on the Texas State Board of Education is attempting to re-write history. The proposals would re-write history in such a manner as to harm not just African-Americans but essentially all school children in the State of Texas. It would harm all school children by teaching falsehoods or refusing to teach truths that are politically unpalatable to extreme conservatives in Texas. This will cause all Texas public school students to be put at a disadvantage with their counterparts in other states when competing on national exams and in many ways make our State be looked at by others with low regard. What appears to be obvious is a desire for some to brain wash Texas students so that they will believe and act a certain way, even become a member of certain political parties. Some things should be sacrosanct, like the future of the young people of this State. They should be taught the truth and not be taught things so that will act, look, talk or think in a robotic and monolithic way that some may desire.{{more}}The African-American and Latino Members of the Texas Education Agency have done a tremendous job in trying to prevent this. However, there are 7 members of the Board who seem intent to follow through with this come hell or high water, and the conservative movement is such to where there are 3 other members who are presented with serious political risks if they buck this anti-truth movement. The Board wants to do things such as: have school children taught about the failures of affirmative action and the Great Society; have students taught about the value of limited government ; have the Confederacy taught in a positive light particularly regarding the contributions of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee; limit teaching and descriptions of former President Thomas Jefferson because of his belief that there needed to be a separation of church and State, teach that gains by racial and ethnic minorities were the result of the Good Graces of whites rather than the civil rights movement; teach that the Texas War of Independence with Mexico led to freedom for all Texans when in fact the two primary reasons the Texans wanted to secede in 1836 was that the Mexican Government prohibited slavery and required that in order to own property you had to be Catholic; not teach about many great and important Black and Hispanic leaders in Texas history while requiring that non-Texans like Phyllis Schafly be emphasized ; have limited teaching about world geography and objective analyses of circumstances relating to America’s largest cites; and even question one’s right to vote if you are not sufficiently informed. The list goes on and on, great Black Texans like Hendrick Arnold, Samuel McCullough, Lonnie Smith, Juanita Craft, Maceo Smith and others are not mentioned. Additionally, it limits to early grade teachings such great Americans like Thurgood Marshall. Looking at the proposed curriculum in social studies it would appear Lyndon Baines Johnson must be from another State and that one political party is for whites and the other is for minorities. This is really divisive for our State potentially.If people can shape and make your history they can define who you are. There is clearly a movement to say that Government doing things they don’t like is a bad thing and to try and get our children to agree with them. And they want to change history and negate the positives of the civil rights movement and even brain wash individuals into thinking that when the Government provides remedies for past wrongs such as when affirmative action is engaged or when the Great Society attempts to lift people out of poverty that our children will be taught that these things are wrong in such a manner as to suggest that such teachings are true. Now it is true that people should be entitled to have such positions but our children should not be made to suffer from political idolatry.One of the members of the group of 7 is a lawyer Board Member who was reported to have said or suggested that during the first 6 months of an Obama administration there would be an attack on the United States because of actions by people who Obama [or his people] were engaged with in some way. When the Associated Press confronted her around the 2nd of November of 2008 about this, she indicated there was nothing to correct. We need you to ask the Board to back off and teach truth to our children. Teach our children about the good and bad of both parties but don’t try to use them as guinea pigs for a large scale brainwashing operation, and teach history in an accurate light and don’t belittle the contributions or efforts of African-Americans and Latinos as is presently proposed. The Texas NAACP will be working with the Legislative Black Caucus of Texas and the League of United Latin American Citizens among others to address this issue. Please fax letters complaining about this to the State Board of Education at 512-463-9008 and to the Texas NAACP Office, attention Yannis Banks at 512-322-0757. We will be joining together for a rally at the Capitol early on May 19th and then will proceed to the last public hearing by the State Board on this subject before they vote .