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Support your local Fire Department

By Joe Starkey



Are you aware that by having a local volunteer fire department, homeowners and renters receive an 8 to 10 % discount on their house insurance? Did you know that many departments like the Trent Volunteer Fire Department only get a small guaranteed budget such as their {{more}} $100.00 a month to run the department while their costs average $6,000 to $7,000 a year for utilities, maintenance and training? This leaves over $5,000 a year that must be raised by the unpaid firefighters thru donations and Fund Raisers such as the Chili Dinner held at the old Trent School Cafeteria Sunday, 9 April, 2006. Most of the Methodist and Baptist congregations of Trent showed up for the event but that still is fewer than 60 people eating. Even so, the donations totaled over $700.00. There are 12 volunteer fire departments in Taylor County. The county provides equipment to each of these as its budget allows but no money for maintenance or training. The Trent Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for 75 square miles in the North West corner of Taylor County and has mutual response agreements with Nolan, Jones and Fisher Counties. Please remember that the Volunteer Fire Departments are not paid, and this is your friends and neighbors doing this hazardous job out of desire to be of service to their community. Please give generously when asked and give anyway if you are not asked.

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