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Superbowl Prediction

By Janice Coleman



So, in a nutshell, the team with the most points at the end of the game will win the Super bowl, whether it’s the Bears or the Colts. No, seriously! The Colts are seven point favorites and the Bears are considered the underdogs. How many times have we seen this picture? The outcome could go either way. So many scenarios exist that could determine that outcome. Let’s see. There’s Rex Grossman and the Bears offense. What if Grossman has a Super Bowl caliber game, including completing passes under 10 yards as well as over, along with over 50 percent of 3rd down conversions? What if Cedric Benson and/or Thomas Jones are successful with the running game? Then there’s the Bears defense, which also has a bright young star named Manning as well. If they only allow 31.0 percent 3rd down conversions and create some turnovers, who knows what the outcome could be? Next, there is the Colts defense. Whether credit goes to Bob Sanders return or a new attitude, this defense has stepped up. Ranked last against the rush during the NFL regular season, they allowed only 220 yards rushing in three playoff games combined at this point. Throw in an effective blitz up the middle a few times resulting in panic by Rex Grossman feeling the pressure and the outcome could be devastating for the Bears. Sidebar…..It should already be understood without saying that the Colts special teams must keep the ball away from Devin Hester during returns. Enough said! Finally, we have the Colts offense. If there’s an advantage, it should be here, not to belittle Urlacher and the Bears defense. The other Mannings’ Oscar winning caliber cast includes Rhodes, Addai, Wayne, Harrison, and the guy who could possibly take home the trophy for Best Supporting Tight End, Dallas Clark. It also doesn’t hurt that Manning is familiar with at least part of the Bears cover 2 defense if not all of their defense. As listed above, all he has to do is choose his weapon, that is, as long as his offensive line continues to protect and protect him well. So, what does it all mean? The team with the most points at the end of the game will win the Super Bowl. Seriously! Congratulations to both Coach Dungy and Coach Smith!

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