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Superbowl Champ Justin Snow participates in West Texas Sports Expo

By Janice Coleman



For those who somehow missed it, the West Texas Sports Expo 2007 was held February 17th at the Abilene Civic Center. There were exhibits, demonstrations, prize drawings, and autographs throughout the day. Hundreds of children and their families came out and had a great time. I took the opportunity to speak with some of the athletes who were present and Abilene can continue to be very proud of the high school, college, and professional levels of athletes from the Big Country {{more}} who are representing. Some of the questions and answers are as follows. What are some major differences so far in transitioning from the high school to the college level in athletics?Ashley Tibbits- McMurry Volleyball- “We practice harder. There’s also a higher level of competition and you’re more specified in your position.”Abbie Lowery-ACU Volleyball- “The basic speed of the game is a lot quicker. Competition is different. There’s the best of the best of everybody.”Calli Corley- TCU Volleyball- “There’s more dedication put into your sport. In high school it was like an activity. In college, it’s like a job.”Jerale Badon- ACU Football- “The maturity level is different. In high school, it’s like you play because you’re there. In colege, you want to play.”Taylor Potts-Texas Tech Football- “There’s a demand to be really good at everything. The speed of things changes. You have to keep up with the speed of things.”Lyle Leong, Jr.- Texas Tech Football/Track- “There are more people who are better athletes. Also, the speed of the game increases.”Question- It’s admirable to see you starting early, coming back home and giving back to the community. Who instilled that value in you?Lyle Leong, Jr.- “My parents and my church family, the Minda St. Church of Christ. Also, watching other examples of people who gave back.”Taylor Potts- “My parents. They taught me to stay humble and levelheaded and to remember where I came from.”Question- Who was your favorite NFL quarterback growing up and why?Taylor Potts- “Troy Aikman, because he played for the Dallas Cowboys and I always wanted to play like Troy.”Question- You look as if you physically weigh more this year. Have you noticed a difference?Lyle Leong, Jr.- “Yes. I’m stronger and bigger because of the workout program at Tech.” Last, but not least, came the privilege of talking to 2007 Super Bowl Champion, Justin Snow, long snapper for the Indianapolis Colts. Mayor Norm Archibald proclaimed February 17th, 2007 as Justin Snow Day in Abilene. Shortly after the ceremony came the opportunity to speak with Justin Snow.Question- It’s admirable the way you always come back home and give back to the community. Who instilled that value in you?Justin Snow- My mother. She’s always been a role model. She taught hard work and dedication and to get the most out of every situation. Playing in the NFL opens doors. No one came back to the community from the NFL when I was growing up.”Question- Once reality set in and you realize you and the Colts are Super Bowl Champs, who was the first person you personally spoke with to thank for contributing to your success and why?Justin Snow- “That’s a great question. The Colts General Manager, Mr. Bill Pollian. I hugged his neck and thanked him for bringing me to the Indianapolis Colts. Mr. Pollian noticed me at Baylor and invited me to the Colts training camp.”Question- Was there an NFL player you looked up to or admired growing up?Justin Snow- “No player in particular. I grew up watching the Cowboys. They were America’s team and I wanted to be like the Cowboys.”Question- Are there any personal goals you still want to achieve in in the NFL?Justin Snow- “A repeat! We want to win another championship. Also, I want to make it to the Pro Bowl as a long snapper for the AFC.” Mr. Snow a humble man, also credited and praised his teammates for the role they played in the success of their 2007 Championship team. It was a great day at the West Texas Sports Expo 2007, thanks to the athletes and others who participated. We lookforward to next year!

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