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Super Hero Business Owner

By Nicola Joshua



When I first started in business, I tried to do everything myself. I had what I call the Super Hero business owner complex. I would try to design websites, market my company, process payment orders, and answer the office phone. I thought I could do it all. I did not want anyone else to do these tasks or any others because I just knew that they would mess something up. Fast forward four months later things started to fall apart. Payments were being missed, websites weren’t getting built, and customers weren’t being served. Ultimately, I was wasting time and money on tasks that could be completed more efficiently by someone else. That’s when I decided to outsource. {{more}}What is outsourcing?In business, outsourcing is assigning a business process to another company or individual by means of a contract or other agreement. What task should be outsourced?There are many tasks that can be outsourced for better results. First, take a look at your internal processes and see what tasks take a lot of time to complete and which tasks are routine. For example, certain aspects of marketing can be outsourced. Email marketing and social media marketing are a couple of tasks that take a lot of time and could be outsourced. Graphic design work is another task that can be outsourced. It takes a lot of time to figure out Photoshop or another picture editing software. However, if you own a graphic design business, don’t outsource graphic design work. By outsourcing many aspects of marketing, business owners are able to focus on operations and growing their business. Who should you outsource to? There are many companies that you can outsource to. A good resource to check would be . Also, find other local businesses that would be willing to take on a task for a small fee. Consider using college students for graphic or design projects. They need the experience to build up their resumes and would welcome the challenge.By outsourcing different projects and tasks I have been able to save time and money. It has even enabled our organization to expand without high costs. Outsourcing has allows us to offer more marketing services that helps meet the needs of clients. Visit for our free eBook, “10 Free Ways to Market Your Business.”

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