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By Frances Gonzalez



New Life Temple Church set up a tent on June 12 for Summer Fest inviting the community to attend services. There was a jump castle for the children, free hot dogs, and each church ministry was available for those interested with.”New Life Temple Church Pastor Ezekiel Pecina. Photo by Frances Gonzalez information at their own table. “The church should be the lighthouse and fortress or place where Jesus is.”said Pastor Ezekiel Pecina, “We want everyone to know that God cares for them, and that Jesus Christ loves them One of the ministries available was the young girls’ ministry which has been led by Heather Huerta, 33, and Melissa Lopez, 28, for five years. We want to see every girl moving towards a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.” said Huerta. Their lives are in the making. We teach them on Holy Spirit, and we go camping and do cooking. The seed that was planted in them will eventually grow. It doesn’t fall.”{{more}} Rebecca Fuentes, 11, has been with the ministry since three years old and continues to grow and benefit from her early Christian journey. “I think it’s like girl scouts, but in a Christian way. You get a badge every time you complete a unit. We have to complete a craft for every memory. I like all the acting that we do. We sometimes go out of town. We do lots of fundraisers and the money goes to girl’s ministries to buy arts and crafts and books.” said Fuentes. The girls have an opportunity to make long term friends as Rebecca did with Desirae Bravo, 13, who has also been in the ministry since the age of three. “Rebecca is a Christian friend. I never had a friend like her. She will tell you what is right and what is wrong.” Bravo said. Strong knit father and daughter relationships grow from lifetime bonding since childhood. That bond does not just happen overnight. It takes a special love from a parent that has an inner desire to be a part of their daughter’s life. It is not just about spending quality time once a month with her, yet, that might be all the time that some fathers can give their children. Much depends on the way that Dad was raised. If there was a lack of bonding and affection in his relationships with his parents then the majority of time a father has to learn how to bond if it is his desire. On this Father’s Day memories were made thanks to the church ministry. One way that fathers can bond with their daughters is by going on dates with them, and New Life Temple church has made a special father and daughter outing.Children that often are from single parent families or for some other reason cannot always have one of the parents’ present. The two girls had an opportunity recently to go on a father daughter outing at the Abilene State Park .”Rebecca Fuentes, 11, with her father David. Photo by Frances Gonzalesthrough the ministry that provided barbeque, swimming and other games. The ministry arranged for father mentors to step in and be there for the girls that father’s could not show up so they would not have to go alone. Rebecca’s father David was able to make it, but Desirae’s father was in the hospital and could not make it, so a mentor went along with her. New Life Temple has been growing over the years and adding more ministries to the church. It offers a youth ministry for teenagers on Wednesday nights for those that want to be involved in busy ministry like the girls. Services are the Spanish service which is at 9:00am, and the English at 11:00am.

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