Suffer Not the Little Children

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By Robert Lilly | May 1, 2010

Matt. 19:14But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Jesus, when he spoke these words must have foreseen a time when the youth of today would be ‘hindered’ from the way. I am confident that that time is now upon us. It is a time wherein our youth are being sacrificed upon the alter of religious greed and neglect. We are seeing fewer and fewer effective ministries that are applicable to the daily lives of the most needy children in our community. We are witnessing, with our eyes, the lack of compassion for these children today. We say we love them and are concerned about their welfare but we turn a blind eye to their suffering. Our preference is for containment.{{more}} Have you traveled to the Abilene-North apartment complex, located on 2411 N. Willis Street? These apartments are filled with women and their children. These children are innocent and their parents, though having had some of the experience in life that we would call negative, they desire to be good mothers and caring parents. Unfortunately, the environs for which too many of them find themselves confined to, are an anchor and a ball on their legs. The city, perhaps, means well, but the truth of the matter is that these people are being incarcerated without the walls of the prison. The four walls that keep these prisoners in are ignorance, fear, deprivation, and hopelessness. I have ventured into these modern day ghetto colonies and seen with my own eyes the pitiful conditions under which these children live. They are literally crammed into these too small apartments with little to no freedom of movement. When the door opens up the outside of the apartment is technically no better, yes, there is room to run and to jump but little more than that. There are no resources to afford these youth a decent and healthy environment. I am aware that some churches come by to pick up the youth and to take them to their services but what good does that do for the families left behind? If we really were concerned we would be attempting to find broad solutions to the despair and depression that is common in those buildings. In stead we are satisfied with a stopgap solution. We want something that will simply slake our conscience. What we are afraid of is digging too deep and learning that our current economic practices depend upon this under employed, surplus labor force. The more people without a job makes it easier for the ‘boss’ at the corporate office to continue to threaten his underpaid employees with termination, because their is someone always ready to take your crumbs if you don’t appreciate sitting at the master’s table. What does this have to do with the children? Everything, where do poor children come from if not poor families. Poor families are generated from poor jobs, or no jobs. Poor jobs are justifiable by poor educational system and thus and ignorant people are made controllable by co-opted leadership, . We are going to be held responsible by our Maker because of our breach of trust. As the remainder of the scripture indicates the Kingdom is not accessible accept you come as these children come, poor and lowly of spirit. So the very thing you flee from and create in others is really the thing you need. We at Da’Cipher 360˚ are not intimidated by the challenge of engaging this population. We, know that initially we will look like others in the work that we are doing but eventually, and before long we will have prophesied to the dry bones and behold an army exceedingly great will arise and a time of change will be upon us, the Kingdom made manifest.