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Story of her Love

By Sienna Miller



Story of Her LoveBy Erica RayAs I sit here on your death bedThinking of the pain you went through,I begin to stop and wonderWhy you let him hurt you,How could you be such a foolTo say you were in loveWhen you just knew it couldn’t beAll that pain he put you through Gave you bruises and black-eyesThen came back and said he was sorryAnd that he loved youYou believed him tooGirl please, you knew it wasn’t true!I tried to tell you to leave himAnd I knew you wanted to,But you kept thinking that he would changeBecause he loved you so much.How could you believe that he loved you?Was it because of that big rock on your finger?Do you even know where he got it from?Or was it because he was the father of your child?But it couldn’t be that,When he beat him, slapped him,Called him ugly and dumb.But then he came back and said he was sorry,And that you believed him then too.Girl please, you knew it wasn’t true!Then one day Mama got a call from the policeWe rushed to the hospitalTo see what had happened.It was then that we found out you had gotten shot.I sat and criedAs I watched the blood fall from your head.You had the chance to get outBefore all this mess happenedBut you chose not to,Because you “thought” you loved him.But was it truly LoveWhen you were too scared to speak up for yourself,Too scared to go out with your friends,Too scared to leave your house,Because you didn’t know what he would do?Girl please, you knew it wasn’t true!I remember how he hurt you,And how much pain it brought meWhen I saw the things he did.I wish you would have gotten outWhen you had the chance.But I guess it’s too late now for me to help you,But I’ll continue to believeThe next girl will knowThat True Love isn’t worth dying

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