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Stasia Plaster exhibits work at Ryan Fine Arts Gallery

By Anynmous



The Ryan Fine Arts Gallery is pleased to present the senior show of McMurry Bachelor of Arts candidate Stacia Plaster. The show features sculptural and functional ceramic pieces and photographs highlighting the beauty of nature found in one’s own back yard. Live plants accent much of the art, making the show a perfect companion for this spring season. The show also includes photo emulsion transfer on various surfaces, such as ceramic plates and canvases, making this show a must see for those interested in alternative photographic techniques. Plaster chose a garden theme for her show reflecting her work with gardening companies for the past several years. She became close to the earth, and wants to share the beauty of her experiences with others. “I try to create pieces that reflect the common delights of mankind,” she says, “the new growth of spring, the brilliant hues that nature produces, the fragrant aroma of fresh flowers.” Some of her hand-made ceramic planters contain growing plants and herbs, while each beautifully colored vase includes fresh or silk flowers. This show is an excellent way to celebrate the spring season. Exhibition begins just after Easter, a holiday emphasizing the importance and beauty of new growth. And Earth Day falls one week after the show. Stopping in to see the clay and fresh blooms which this show emphasizes would be a perfect way to celebrate and remember the importance of caring for this delicate world in which we live. Thursday the 16th, a reception will be held in Ryan’s front foyer at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

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