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Stars of Abilene Quilt Show

By Joe Starkey



The quilt show was, as usual, magnificent. There were too many quilts to really remember except for the great ones. Many vendors were there with both the usual supplies and some with great new ideas. The food was great as the kitchen crew made their absolutely the best I’ve ever had chicken salad and delicious brownies .{{more}}I stopped by the local guild competition to listen to theJudges Randy Press of Godley and Lisa Anderson of Plano examine a quilt closely. Photo by Joe Starkey judges discuss the quilts. The only comment they would let me publish was when Lisa Anderson of Plano responded to my question of how the judges were selected. She said “you have to keep moving or you get drafted as a judge.” Actually every one of those “drafted” were long time, very knowledgeable quilters. The quilts in the general show were selected by popular vote of the people attending. They had very good taste as my wife, Loretta was awarded a third place for one of the seven quilts she entered.The most interesting vendors as for as this photographer was concerned were Susan Cranshaw DesignSusan Cranshaw discusses her “The Desert Series” shown in background with Mrs. Beverly Lindsey, President of the Weatherford guild. Photo by Joe Starkey with her technique called “the Desert Series” which incorporate scenes from the desert Southwest and a booth featuring photographs printed on special paper that can be transferred to the quilt. The photographic booth got my quilt show money and “The Desert Series” got most of Loretta’s show money after I whimpered a little.I really look forward to and enjoy this show every first week of June even though it means that Loretta disappears on Wednesday and doesn’t come home much until late Sunday night. It’s truly worth going to. Loretta Starkey standing by her winning quilt. Photo by Joe Starkey

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