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Standing at the Crossroads

By Kathy Barr



Can students have fun in the classroom and learn? Teachers Tiffany Simmons and Runnie Powell, youth director at the West Oak Grove Church of Christ in Hernando, Mississippi recently proved it is possible. At the end of their workshop at the National Youth Conference, held at Abilene {{more}} Christian University, the two teachers had their students demonstrate they had been listening to their teachers. The theme for the conference was “Standing in the Crossroads,” and the two instructors emphasized several points. The first was, “Stop, look and listen…to the Scriptures.” Mr. Powell reminded students they are involved in a spiritual war, but if they chose to feed their spirits with God’s word, they would be spiritually full. Using two scriptures, Galatians 5:16 and Colossians 3:16, he reminded his class to walk in the Spirit so they would not give in to the desires of the flesh. The importance of Bible reading and study was emphasized repeatedly. He also encouraged students to help one another to avoid giving in when faced with temptation. After his talk, Ms. Simmons gave students their assignments. Dividing them up into groups of three, each group had to produce a short dramatization that used the theme of “Standing in the Crossroads.” Virtually all the groups described various temptations youth face – starting a fight, going to nightclubs, losing their temper, using drugs and alcohol, and getting involved in premarital sex. In all of the skits but one, the young person facing the temptation made the right decision and didn’t give in. Ms. Simmons reminded the students that they are special because they are created by God and reminded them that God is always with them. 17-year-old Chanelle Brooks, from the McAlmont Church of Christ in North Little Rock, Arkansas, said she was enjoying the conference and that the classes were interesting and fun. She has also had a good time meeting new people and fellowshipping with them. This was the first time Chanelle had attended the conference, and she hopes she can attend next year and would recommend it to a friend. This is the 55th National Conference for Youth, and more than 1000 students, ages 13-20 attended this year’s conference at ACU. In addition to classes, students also had time for various activities such as participating in a talent show, going to a pageant, enjoying themselves at Six Flags Over Texas and participating in service projects in Abilene.

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