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Stan, the Man with a Plan

By Sienna Miller



I recently had the privilege of meeting a Man with a Plan, named Stan. Stan Brown, that is. Brown is an avid business owner with a passion for positively influencing the lives of others. He’s actually doing this through his own and unique clothing line entitled “God First, Success Follows.” This is not only a catchy phrase, but it’s one that he believes in. He came up with the idea approximately 3 years ago. Stan Brown lives in Chattanooga Tennessee and is also a realtor and the owner of Success Realty. Brown was in Atlanta the first time that he wore one of his shirts. When a passenger in the airport read it, he inquired about its meaning. {{more}}The passenger said that he really liked the concept and that many others could benefit from that type of message on clothing. So the confirmation that Brown needed from God came in the form of a stranger. Brown has not seen or heard from that man since that time, but is thankful for the brief conversation they shared.When asked what inspired him to create his own clothing line Brown says, “I wanted to do something positive in nature to create a brand that gives God credence to being successful.” He says that success is the opposite of failure. Brown describes success as a journey, saying that it means “Progression towards a worthy goal.” He places emphasis on it being “worthy”. “Everybody wants success. For a first grader, it is to get his alphabet and letters in order.” says Brown. He adds that in order to achieve success, we must have goals. Brown tells that as we acquire our goals we have success and receive little victories on our journey. He states, “Success can be like love, you ask one-hundred people what it means, you get one-hundred different answers.” He goes on to describe that many people’s idea of success has to do with the amount of money they have. “The key to a successful man is his moral fabric, rather than his financial gain.” adds Brown. He states that there have been many with full bank accounts who’ve rushed to their deaths by jumping off some building. While Stan has no opposition to having a lot of money, he balances that with placing God first. His slogan comes from Matthew 6:33, “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” “For every action, you must have a thought. That thought comes from stimuli,” Brown adds. He says that he wanted to come up with a revolutionary concept that could help to combat a lot of the negative stimuli. “This is my way of doing something Ms. Miller,” adds Brown. He gives thanks to his mother whom he credits with introducing him to the most powerful stimulus, which is the word of God. Stan goes on to say that he not only wants to create urban clothing, but something that will cross social, racial and economic boundaries. He says that he has a passion for kids and people as a whole. “If I can get the kids to wear it, I know that their parents will jump on board,” Brown added. He mentions that our youth have a great deal of influence when it comes to clothing. Stan says that that the goal of his clothing is, “To minister the word of God on garments and to do it boldly.” He says that too often we tip toe around boldly presenting the truth. “I wanted to present it without the in-your-face type of way.” Brown continued, “Too often, we get used to things just being the way they are. Sometimes you think it’s easier to give in, when you’ve been subjected to negative connotation.” He feels this battle can be won by presenting positive stimuli on a common medium like clothing.Brown has clothing for all ages for both males and females. You can feel free to take a look at his samples and become a fan on his Facebook page at The Success Series Store. He is presently working on his website. The West Texas Tribune will keep you posted as to when it launches. The Success Series Store is located at 3529 Brainerd Road, in Chattanooga Tennessee, 37411. So if you are in the neighborhood, stop in and take a look. If you are interested in contacting Stan or selling his clothing line in your store, you can email him at or give him a call at 320-7676.

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