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Spotlight on Business

By Floyd Miller



Reverend Iziar Lankford knows that he is a blessed man. He ministers at a wonderful church and enjoys working at Arrow Dealerships, selling Fords, Chryslers, Mitsubishis and pre-owned cars Reverend Lankford lived in Abilene in the mid 1960s when he was stationed at Dyess Air Force Base. He met his wife here and, a year after he was discharged, he moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and then to Houston. The minister is happy to be back in Abilene. “My appointment to the Plum Street United Methodist Church is a marriage made in heaven,” he said. He has helped the small church grow and is grateful for the opportunity to work with the church members there. As a bi-vocational minister, the pastor is grateful that he works for a Christian man who allows him to minister to his people, even if it means taking time off from work at the dealership. If he needs to perform a wedding or a funeral, Rev. Lankford has the flexibility to take time off from his job and perform these important ministerial functions. Even on days when he doesn’t have a specific function to attend to, Rev. Lankford goes to the church after he is done at the dealership. Rev. Lankford is also thankful that his employers at the dealership are good Christians who live their faith. “They are honest and fair, and their integrity is second to none,” he said. Arrow dealerships have been in Abilene more than 40 years, Rev. Lankford said. In addition to his work with the dealership and the church, Rev. Lankford is also on the ICAN board of directors, the Meals on Wheels board, and is a member of the Greater Abilene Kiwanis, Greater Abilene Ministerial Alliance, the NAACP and the Abilene Black Chamber of Commerce. Rev. Lankford and his wife, Nancy have four children, Leamont, Jeffery W..Jimmy D. and Sonja and ten grandchildren, five boys and five girls.

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