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Speaker Emphasizes ‘ Taking Out the Trash’

By Sienna Miller



The greater Kiwanis Club of Abilene listened attentively to guest speaker Mike Tackett in early January of this year. Mike Tackett presently serves as co-evangelist for the Baker Heights Church of Christ. He is also the former evangelist for the television broadcast Keys to the Kingdom which aired world wide in places such as the U.S., India and Africa. He is also a local businessman. Over the lunch hour, Tackett shared some words of wisdom on his topic “Taking Out the Trash”.While insisting that his message was originally written and meant for himself; he didn’t mind allowing it to touch others as well. Tackett received motivation for his message after evaluating his life several years ago. He said that at one time, he had gotten to a point in his life where he did some serious evaluating. He was not living up to his full potential. “I realized that I had created a nice, safe life for myself where I really wasn’t challenged.” Tackett says in his talk. He goes on to say that he did not have any big threats, nor did he really have any big dreams. “I was forty years old, and I said to myself Where is this headed?” It was at that point that Tackett made a decision to remove all of the barriers he had created to insulate himself from the world. He resolved to strive for some of those dreams that he once had as a younger man. Tackett stated that, even though his choice opened himself up for a lot of problems, it also opened himself up to a lot of opportunities. Tackett mentions that his choice began what he likes to call “A transformation” which has taken place over the course of six years. This transformation has allowed him to look at life altogether differently. He described all of this with much excitement.As a result of the metamorphosis that took place in his thinking, Tackett revealed that great things had come from it. He said that by God’s blessing, he completed one of the greatest deals of his lifetime recently. “One of the side benefits of that is that I got to spend about five weeks in Hawaii a month ago.” Says Tackett. Both he and his wife rented a house on the ocean. “I rediscovered what life was suppose to be.” Tackett adds. He encourages those present saying, “I don’t know what your dream is, but whatever it is…I hope that you don’t loose sight of it. I hope you don’t loose contact with what matters most to you right now.” Tackett states “And, maybe the dreams that you once had, as I’ve had a happen to me…fell asleep. I hope you can awaken those.”While on this vacation Tackett began to keep a journal, something he mentions that he’d never done before. Every morning he wrote in it. Tackett exclaims that he would write about personal goals for his life. “ I was able to get down to who I was and what I wanted.” This agenda excluded the outside or external influences concerning strictly pleasing others by doing only, what they thought he should be doing. While engaging in this exercise Tackett says, “I found out that so much of what I thought was important was really unimportant…that so much of what I had been chasing wasn’t worth chasing…” He goes on to say “It was the people and it was the family and issues like that, that really mattered the most.”As a result of his meditations and writings, Tackett developed a series of steps to better himself. Part of this involved a monthly plan where he reads a Proverb that corresponds with each day of the month. During this time of focus and pondering, Tacket became touched by a specific passage of scripture in Proverbs. It was the ninth day of that month and he read this…”We need to forsake our folly and live.” Tackett said that after reading it, he wrote as a side note in his Bible-“Take Out the Trash.” He talks about a word that he has coined. The word is Purivida and he uses it to explain this process. Pure as in perfectly clean, not mixed with anything else…genuine and Vida is just another word for life hence the word. “Purivida is not about purity as in morals or ethics, it’s about purity in the quality of life. It’s about being able to rid of all the garbage that clogs the mechanism.” Says Tackett. He says that it is about being able to focus in on what you do best, and what means the most to you. Tackett explains that pit holes clog the whole system and make it impossible to really be who you want to be. By focusing on the importance of the need to take out the trash, Tackett follows a system that has served him well. On the ninth day of each month he does an exercise where he writes out all of the things he needs to clean out of his life that day. He shared them with the group with the hope that others may draw from his experience. Taking Out the Trash by: Mike Tackett1) The first thing he does is Deals with the dreams he has and either commits to them or lets them go. “Not being able to feel confident that you’re making progress towards your goals, makes us feel horrible inside. I don’t want to wake up feeling that way.”2) I try to forgive the trespasses people have made against me. “You can’t be in a city, you can’t be in a family, you can’t be in a community or a church without having people who disappoint you, hurt you, cheat you, lie to you…we’re all going to have that happen to us.” He said not to allow these things to defeat the energy we could use in accomplishing positive things.3) Kill Envy and Pride “Those are two things that go had in hand, that rob us of pure living. Envy, because I don’t want to be driven by goals that are designed to make me feel better than you. Pride has also caused so many people to become imprisoned.”4) Live and Let Live This is so liberating he says. “There are people in my life that I’ve been trying to change for years, and I finally had to realize something, I can’t change them.” He mentions that while he is willing to take a step towards someone, they too have got to be willing to progress as well.5) Check the Road that I’m on “If I’m on a road that is taking me away from the pure living that I am after, then I want to get off of that road.”6) Eliminate Fear Fear is the direct opposite of Faith. Fear is all wrapped up in my seeing the world through eyes that are not true, that are not trustworthy.” False Evidence Appearing Real7) Take the Failures I’ve had, Evaluate them, Learn from them, Be thankful for them and then I leave them at the curb. “We’ve all had failures…I love taking my failures and turning them into something good.”8) Determine that I’m not going to be a Victim “ I’m tired of a culture that says…You know what, I failed…but it’s because of he did or what she did.” Don’t blame people for things you are responsible for. Take ownership in your life. Stop making excuses. 9) I try to handle and deal with Self Image Issues- “ When it comes to self image, you’ve got to make a decision. When you look in that mirror if that 15 pounds drives you crazy for heaven’s sake…get rid of it. If you’re not going to get rid of it, quit lying to yourself and say You know what? That’s the best looking extra15 pounds anybody has ever worn in their life! By accepting yourself, it liberates you!” Tackett ended his talk saying that by eliminating all of the gunk in our lives it frees one up to the goals they have and gives them chance to live with zeal. You can live a life that is full he says. “And in the end, you can say, you know what, I gave it everything I had. Win or loose, Succeed or fail…I lived it the best way that I could possibly live it.” He adds, “That little phrase that I coined Purivida, is about getting up every morning and knowing that I’m going to do the best I can to have no wasted motion, no wasted time, no wasted e-motion. I am going to focus in on doing the things I love the most that I believe I do the best. He said that he tries to eliminate or delegate those things that he does on a Sub-par level so that he can live to the absolute fullest. In a brief comparison before closing, Tackett mentions the environment of a pack rat and compares it to the cluttered life of an individual. You can’t live in the house with all of that gunk and neither can you live in a body that is full of the same. As you go about your business today, don’t forget to Take out the Trash.

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