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Space? Ocean Depths? Experts Predict the Future of Travel

By Floyd Miller



As you book your next vacation, it doesn’t hurt to think ahead — way ahead. Technology is changing everything about the way we live, work and play, and travel is no exception.Indeed, Earth’s orbit and the depths of the oceans will become vacation destinations over the next decade, according to predictions laid out in the third part of “Future of Travel 2024,” a report conducted by Skyscanner, a leading global travel search engine.“Future travelers will be able to take advantage of truly tailored adventures in space and beyond due to technological innovations on the horizon,” says Filip Filipov, Head of B2B, Skyscanner.Intrigued? Here are three areas of travel where you can expect to see dramatic changes in the not so distant future, according to the report. Space and SeaFor travelers, space tourism is an emerging frontier. Travelers will be able to enter Earth’s low orbit to experience the stunning curvature of the globe from an ultra-high altitude. Looking beyond 2024, space travelers may soon be able to enjoy the view suspended in sky resorts containing zero-gravity spas, space gliders and space observatories where guests can even experience weightlessness. “Even more exciting than being able to jet off into outer space will be the possibility of flying in low orbital space planes that will radically cut inter-continental flight times, even eliminating jetlag in the process,” says Filipov. Journeys to the bottom of the sea are predicted to be a much more mainstream, affordable and fashionable alternative to space travel. While underwater hotel rooms already exist as novelty destinations, a new wave of innovators are scaling up the concept, aiming to build entire resorts under the waves — including spas, gardens and pools, all with aquarium style-windows allowing guests to go outside in diving gear.Hyper-personalized HotelsForget the television, hotel room walls will one day be fully interactive, capable of playing films, showing pictures, displaying video calls from loved ones and even providing frosting for private work spaces within the room.“As a response to advances in technology and peer-to-peer travel, hotels will empower guests with incredible levels of hyper-personalization,” says Filipov. “Travelers will be able to book rooms through their mobile devices where everything from the air temperature to shower settings is set specifically for them.”New Destinations to DiscoverBragging rights are a perennial travel motivator.  In 2024, travelers seeking unique journeys that will make them the envy of friends and family will have no shortage of choices.The emergence of “forbidden zones,” areas currently deemed inaccessible by conflict, will become attractive new destinations for discovery. Off-the-beaten track destinations like Bhutan are already seeing an increase in interest — as Skyscanner searches of this destination are up 40 percent since 2013.Tourists are also predicted to travel to destinations where they can view endangered species and habitats before they’re gone.The full report can be found at for those who are tired of the same old vacation spots year after year, your travel search will soon contain once impossible destinations.

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