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Souped Up Revorama

By Joe Starkey



The Trinity Baptist Church on Woodlawn held their first of hopefully many Revoramas featuring competition cars, bikes, bands and an imagicon featuring jugglers, Star Wars actors, local groups that re-enact both medieval and Star Wars , Texas beauty queens and lots of good food.{{more}}Entry fee into the car and bike show was a food or cash contribution to the Food Bank of West Texas.Despite 45 degree weather when I arrived about 11 AM, there was a good crowd looking thru the many cars and bikes that filled the parking lot. A good local band was playing and the judges were walking the lot with clipboards in hand. A foosball table was in heavy use and several of the other game tables were in use.Walking into the Imagicon, my first notice that this was not just sketch artists and comics were the flaming torches being juggled by Mr. Alfonso Hernandez of Alfonso’s Bakery on Butternut. In addition to what one lady called the best Mexican baked goods in town – he is an accomplished juggler. I only saw the torches the first session but he returned to juggle balls while bouncing them off his shoe, shoulders and head, handkerchiefs , eggs and for his finale – the flaming torches.Miss Teen Texas, Sydney Cappelo of Dallas; Miss Texas Panhandle, Taylor Lyons of Waco; Miss West Texas, Tori Morgan of Midland; and Miss Teen West Texas, Ashton Meeks of Lubbock provide beauty, grace and brains to the affair. All had definite goals and were very gracious in signing photographs for all that asked. As one of them put it “I collected these as a small girl and gained the courage to make this one of my goals.”The Kingdom of Levant had a fighting demonstration area set up that adjoined that of the Star Wars 501st area. It was indeed interesting to watch people in medieval costume sword fighting against the backdrop of Star War storm troopers, Sith Lords, fighter pilots and Jawas. Mr. G. Andrew Nelson, who both played the body of Darth Vader in the Lucas films starting in 1994 and the voice of Luke Skywalker in various LucasArts video games, was present to sign autographs and pose with any who desired.The Lubbock sketching club was there doing sketches for donations shared with the Food Bank. Ms. Katy Dettay of Razputin Studios was doing some very nice face paintings, also for donations.The Abilene Model Railroad Society had a room set up with two extensive layouts that all were welcome to see but, please don’t touch.This was a great day both for those that participated and those that came to see and listen. Trinity Baptist wanted to reach out to the Abilene community both to benefit the Food Bank of West Texas and to let people know they care. They plan to have another next year but are not certain of the dates due to the wonder spring weather this time which started at 40 degrees and went to the high 60’s.

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