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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | February 1, 2010

An Outcry from Haiti Moves Many Hearts to Help; Back in the USA Problem of Homelessness Is Unresolved While many countries long for the freedom that the United States has to offer sometimes it is through an outcry for help when crisis hits hard. There is always an abundance of opportunities for churches with people who volunteer to get involved in mission outreach and also to lend a helping hand in emergency situations. When a crisis strikes, like the earthquake in Haiti that has killed thousands of people an, enormous amount of relief and deserved prayer goes out for our fellowman. Many disasters occur without explanations that are nature caused. The reasons might have something to do with the location of countries on the globe and also, the climate. Although, scientists try to find the answers with the reasoning, yet even in-depth research cannot explain why some natural disasters occur. It goes unexplainable why these type of crisis causes families to suffer and lose their homes and even have to move elsewhere. Our heart goes out to those people whose families are affected by disasters. Starving children need nourishment, security, and especially their parents. Without their parents where will these children turn? Where will the homeless go from the country of Haiti, and what is its government doing to restore homes and families? It is a known fact that our country has continued to lend a hand giving financial and emergency help needed to Haiti in the past. There is a question back home in the good, ole USA and it is about balancing the budget each year and providing health care. What about the homeless that need transitional housing programs in order for families to get the stability back in their lives? Our country seems to be deteriorating more while allowing youth to be their own voice. As freedom also rings each morning in America with the sound of school bells as some upper level students refuse to say the pledge of allegiance, and deciding that the history books with information about our forefather are no longer important. Students continue to voice their opinions even though they are not always right. It is sad that in the USA, teachers, principals, and administrators are running out of ideas of how to handle todays youth. Instead of accepting responsibility, these troubled youth’s parents get angry and threaten the schools. Some teachers even quit their jobs because they would rather save their lives than to teach. Many students are still not learning even when put in detention. They choose to sleep the whole day and waste good education money, and innocent people get blamed for the inconsistency of the school system. It is scary to think the percentage in numbers maybe low when it comes to a future generation of leaders that we can count on to keep our country going. While children are losing their parents because of disaster in other countries, some good parents’ rights in our own country are being ignored. There is an outcry from parents of today, yet many go unheard. Others may not fit into the category of responsible adults, and their children are paying for it. Maybe our own country should solve the problems within our own system. After all, the USA is still considered a land of freedom where most of the crisis’ victims from other countries are able to obtain visas while seeking refuge while there is still beauty to enjoy here in North America. What can we offer these people if our own country has not resolved our own problems? Is our country really fit and able to take in more foreigners? Who will fit the bill? There is also the issue of terrorism, and how it continues to slip in without good security. The economy is getting worse as downsizing is occurring more in many companies and it is affecting families. One answer to these questions maybe be..As Christians we are called to help one another in crisis situations, but let us not forget our own loved ones who might need a roof over their heads, suffering for lack of medical care or nourishment, and others who might have given up hope and need lifting up. They could need encouragement and a relationship with God. Let us be grateful at this time for our own country and blessings while others are affected by a crisis like Haiti, and overall get involved to help find the solutions quickly to the crisis in the USA.