Socially Speaking By: Frances Gonzalez-Boyd -HSU Alumna

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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | November 1, 2014

WISH UPON A FALLING STAR; A DREAM IS BOUND TO TRANSPIRE The atmosphere is lovely and quiet at times and star gazers might witness a falling star every now and then. As I was driving down a country road recently one night, I saw a beautiful colorful star fall just at a distance. I made a wish quietly to myself, and knew deep down that the hope and faith I have would make that wish and dream come true. I also thought it was more God that could make that wish a reality. I would have to keep believing and not lose hope. In reality, making wishes when seeing a falling star, is like throwing a penny in a wishing well and making a wish. We all have things in life that we want, and we quietly in secret have learned to make wishes. I also heard a sermon about prayer, and what it means when you pray. There is much more to prayer than just asking God for something. Many people want to wish for things, but when we commune with God in prayer his mercy and grace is even much more spiritual than any falling star or wishing well. God created those two things, and as our father, he wants us to come to him in prayer, and also asking him directly. He wants to have an awesome relationship with us. Through Jesus, his son, we can have more. We can have the best wish come true in our life, and that is for eternity, when we accept him.