Socially Speaking: A miracle for Riley Leon in Elgin tornado; God gives second chances

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By Frances Gonzalez | April 19, 2022

If you think God cannot use you to be a living miracle for others to witness, think again. Riley Leon, 16, in an instant was flipped over in his red Chevy truck by an EF-2 tornado in Elgin, Texas.

The tornado, which had winds of up to 130 mph, spun the truck like a roulette wheel on U.S. Highway 290, east of Austin, and then stood it back upright on the road. Leon survived with a few scratches, and a pain in his back. This happened last month when a few tornadoes traveled down Central Texas outside of Austin.

The miracle was witnessed by over a million people who watched a video that was posted online by a storm chaser. Another driver who saw the incident found Leon in his truck shocked and crying. “…God gave me a second chance,” Leon told a TV reporter in a follow-up interview.

(Tornadoes form when warm humid air collides with cold dry air. The cold air pushes over the warm air usually producing thunderstorms causing updraft.)

Leon was on a mission to better himself and did not expect to encounter a tornado on his trip to Whataburger in Elgin from his home in Manor to apply for a job. He shared that he did not hear sirens go off. He attempted to turn back, but on the third try, it was too late. He was on the path where the tornado was headed. This was no carnival ride, but a harsh wind that imposed on Leon’s life.

Here are some of the numerous comments that were made by people who watched the video:
—Chevy Trucks can withstand any storm;
—Chevy should use the video for a commercial;
—The tornado put the truck back on the road.

Why not give God the credit for putting that truck on the road, instead of the tornado? After all, God is in control of his universe he created. He is also our Almighty Father who decides when it is time to for us to go to our permanent home in his Kingdom.

Jesus calmed the storm when the disciples were on the boat with him. They became fearful and scared. “Oh, you of little faith. Have I not thought of you,” said Jesus. The storm calmed down when he commanded it to.

This is the time of Lent and Easter when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. His purpose was to walk and pray on the desert, and he also worked many miracles while he was on Earth, and healed people from diseases.

Riley Leon is an example for all the world with a powerful testimony. “Thank God, that he protected me,” he said.

It was not his time to go to his permanent home with our Father in Heaven. His goals are still yet to be accomplished. He was hired at Whataburger. His school nurse raised more than $40,000, after started a Go-fund-me page. Leon plans to attend college and use some of the money for his tuition. His new 2022 Chevy Truck was awarded by a Fort Worth dealership.

Relationships should be restored during this time. As God’s children, we should love and make peace with all our fellowman. Love your parents, and all your brothers and sisters. Be an example for all others to see, and for those who need Jesus in their life. We all should be Jesus like. Because he is due to come back to Earth on Judgment Day soon. Be an inspirational testimony for others.

God can use you in a marvelous way.

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