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By | November 1, 2012

THE GREAT FINALE OF WINNING IN LIFE IS LIKEPLAYING BASEBALL Howmany times do we have to pick up the pieces until we get where we want to be inlife? Some people take a whole life time to determine what their future goalsare, while others have yet to complete many unfinished goals that have been putaside for a rainy day. Itis like a professional baseball game. In order to accomplish long-term goalsmany individuals have to practice to get good at what they want to be. They getup on the batter´s box and go around the bases a few times, but never hit ahome run. They stay in the game, yet they have not totally been able to perfectwhat their overall goal is, and that is to really become good at the game, maybeeven be in the spotlight accumulating fame with trophies sitting on their deskat home. {{more}} Then there are individuals who have exactly what it takes as they runthe bases, sliding into home, doing what it takes to help their team win. Theseindividuals are into other activities at home and may even have a busy lifewith family. Baseballplayers practice hard to become the best, learning how to accurately hit theball and where it should land. Pitchers also learn how to throw and aim withpractice in order to get the hitter out. It can really hurt a player and histeam when he strikes out too many times. Aiming at perfection is the goal forbaseball teams and there players. Who would want a player that cannot focus onplaying to win? Thereis really no comparison when it comes to life and baseball. It is important foreach of us to keep persevering in life in order to practice to perfect to getto our final destination in life. Moreimportantly, in baseball you can strike out and not win a game, but in life,you have a chance to keep trying until you get it right. Accomplishing goals isabout winning and believing in our God planned destiny.