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Soaring Eagles and Barking Dogs

By Janice Coleman



Yes, the Eagles soared high all season and the Bulldogs’ bark was as big as their bite!The Abilene High Eagles and the Wylie Bulldogs soared and barked their way to the state semi-finals in their respective divisions. Both their seasons came to an end at that point with Abilene High being defeated in the Class 5A, Division II semi-final ## M: Read More ## game against Pflugerville by a score of 20-14. The Bulldogs were defeated the previous week by Gilmer in the Class 3A Division I state semi-final game by a score of 28-21. Both teams, as well as the Big Country can be proud of these teams for their accomplishments this season. Those accomplishments brought all-district honors to both teams. The Wylie Bulldogs had a total of 20 players earning all district honors, including Coach Hugh Sandifer who was named Coach of the Year. The Abilene Eagles’ Chris Williams received the Class 5A Defensive Player of the Year award on the 18th Annual Associated Press Sports Editors team. Keithy Flye and Kortney McDow were selected to the team gaining honorable mention honors. As I look back on the season, there were things that were very rewarding such as the Eagles victory over the Southlake Dragons as well as the 11-3 season by the Bulldogs when there were those who underestimated the talent of the coaches and the players once again. Besides those things, one thing that was very impressive and so like our community was the support given by each team and their fans regardless of which team was playing. Regardless of whether there are Eagles, Bulldogs, or Cougars participating in the playoffs, I hope we keep that community bond going, for our young people’s sake. Congratulations to the Eagles and the Bulldogs! Thanks for the ride!

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