Since We Last Spoke

By Floyd Miller | October 1, 2013

1. The United Family Owners of the United Food Stores announces that they were being acquired by Albertson’s. I am glad that United will continue to operate under the United Banner. Jimmy Bailey, Steve Abel and I were praising the outstanding service and friendly people that work at United. United is a great corporate citizen. Albertson’s sure picked a great partner.2. A few days ago, I was on American Airlines Flight 2356 headed to Chicago for some investment business. The flight was just an ordinary flight, until the captain announced that “We are flying at 31,000 feet and we have a special lady on this flight.” He said, “ this is Deloris’ last flight; she was retiring after 42 years.” The passengers clapped loudly for Deloris and just about everyone congratulated her. I didn’t get her last name. She was able to name the different models she has flown on since that time. {{more}}As I watched this African American lady service her passengers in such a professional way for the last time, I thought, “Here is a person that, no doubt, took advantage of what Dr. King and others fought so hard for.” Deloris will retire and live in New Orleans, “The Big Easy.” I hope her retirement is as smooth as the landing of her last flight.3. Mr. Bernard Smith passed from this life a few days ago. Mr. Smith owned several businesses among them were a tax service and he also sold investments. I enjoyed working with him on the investment side. When Mr. Smith and I would talk about investment clients most of the time the conversation would end with this phrase “Floyd you know they are just salt of the earth kind of people” I would have to put Mr. Smith in that category. He truly was a salt of the earth kind of a person. 4. As we prepare to go to press, it looks like the government might shut down. I don’t know who our Congressmen and Senators are representing. There are not too many places in this country where you can get a great salary, life time pension and outstanding health insurance for mediocre performance.