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Shiloh Baptist Church was first organized in 1940 under the leadership of the Lord and Rev. Garner. A few spiritual men and their families raised a tent on Stafford Street as a place of worship. Services were held there for some time. Eventually a building was purchased from Camp Barkley and moved to the Stafford Street location. There the church remained for many years.{{more}}On October 12, 1981, the hundred year flood invaded the city of Abilene and its waters from Lytle Creek entered Shiloh’ Sanctuary where church furniture was warped, the brick was torn from parts of the outer walls and many other things of value, including some historical data was lost, but God provided. Under the City of Abilene’s Renovation Plan’, the congregation purchased its current building from Fielder’s Lumber Company at 135 Shelton and moved into the newly renovated building in February 1982.The Shiloh Church Family called Rev. Robert E. Brooks to serve as God’s under-shepherd and Pastor to the Shiloh Church Family on July 11, 1999.Under Rev. Brooks’ leadership as Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church has sought to be “A Church Striving to Magnify Christ”, “The Church at Working Kingdom Building”, and “The Church: Called to Walk Worthy”. This incoming Church year we are striving in “Building God’s Spiritual House.”Under His Pastorship, Shiloh’s membership had increased by 55, a Youth Department was developed, a Male Chorus was organized, two Deacons, Bro. James Singleton and Bro. Jerry Coplin have been ordained and another deacon, Bro. James Williams has been appointed to active status. Other accomplishments are: the establishment of an Educational Awards Program, A Youth Bible Study Class on Wednesday night, a bus and jail ministry, restructuring of our Adult Usher Board and the establishment of a Youth Usher Board, a Sick and Concerned Committee and a weekly prayer list. In addition to these accomplishments, Shiloh under Pastor Brooks guidance joined the Progressive West Texas District Association, received a donated van from the Macedonia Baptist Church, and upgraded the Church’s sound system, purchased a new copier and two computers.

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