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Senator Hutchinson Bus Tour

By Joe Starkey



Senator Hutchinson opened her town meeting by stating “the only way to truly see Texas is on the ground and it is SO AMAZING to see it GREEN, especially in August.” She welcomed her introduction by the Chairman of the Texas Tech board of Regents recognizing the benefits the university provides the Big Country especially with their new program that features a Doctorate program in Wind Engineering. {{more}}She told of breakfast the previous week with AF Chief of Staff, General Morley and his support of Dyess AFB. She stated that Dyess will get the next generation of bomber when the B1 is replaced. She stated that as the ranking member of the military construction committee, a priority will be keeping Dyess up to date.Senator Hutchinson sees two major issues with immigration reform. One is national security and the other is creating a guest worker program so that employers can be sure they are hiring people who are legally in this country.She foresees the Democrats working to eliminate the tax cuts created by the Republicans. She will continue to work to extend those benefits and to have a permanent exemption from the Death Tax. The current House farm bill is not good for Texas but she will work at the Senate to improve or least keep the current bill.Our national energy policy needs to be more comprehensive. Congress is currently looking at Agro energy to replace oil. Ethanol as well as oils from soy and grasses are being looked at.Over riding all these is National Security. “Iraq is a war against terror. If we leave before Iraq can stand against terror – we put America at risk.”Q&A session:Q. Charles Caldwell “Will the North American Union happen?”A. I don’t know what will be proposed. We do need strong relations with the Americas but sovernty will need to be respected.Q. West Texas Tribune “Food, Toys and other material from China is a threat to America’s health. We have closed several inspection labs. What are you doing?”A. It is troubling that China does not meet our standards. Safety and fair trade are a must”Q. Winston . How do you feel about the “Fair Tax”?A. It is a way to stop a lot of the fraud and abuse.Q. unknown man ‘What can be done about the 1919 social security gap?”A. They are trying to solve the problem. She also disagrees with taxing social security and the Social Security offset to Texas Teachers pensions.

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