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Senator Clinton Campaigns in Houston

By Floyd Miller



Houston – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Houston campaigning for President of the United States on Saturday, March 17, 2007 at the J.W. Pearcy Senior Center.The crowd of approximately 200 were mostly women. They were from a wide range of ethnitics. The Mariachi Band Mecca provided the entertainment, and the children from Energized Learning Academy welcomed Senator Clinton. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee introduced Senator Clinton.In her opening remarks, Senator Clinton paid tribute to some of the pioneers in the Democratic Party who has passed on. They were {{more}} Congresswoman Barbara Jordan who served on the House Judiciary Committee, Congresswoman Mickey Leland who died in a plane crash while trying to elevate world hunger, and Governor Ann Richards who helped break the glass ceiling for women.Senator Clinton announced that she and Congresswoman Lee had finally convinced the Congress that Sojourner Truth should have a statue in Statutory Hall. In doing so, she will be the first African American woman to be honored with a statue in the Halls of Congress.Senator Clinton said she believes a president should have goals. The following are some of her goals if she is elected:1) “Universal health coverage for everyone.” 2) “Let’s make sure that every child gets to school ready to learn with a universal pre-kindergarten program.” She said, “we all know what we try to do for our children and grandchildren. We know what we want for our children, don’t we consider all the children to be our children, and don’t we want the best for them.” 3) “‘Every young person that wants to go to college can afford it.” 4) “Let’s make sure that we have a different kind of energy future. We need to be sure that we are not sending all the money to people who use it against us.” She said, “Another goal would be to start seeing each other as human beings again, that we should start respecting one another, that we should start working with one another, and we show the real true understanding of what life is really like for so many of our fellow Americans. She believes that we have to reach out to people around the world. She said, “People around the world look at America, not with fear but respect and admiration.Someone asked her about the war in Iraq. She said, “She supports a staged withdrawal and if President Bush does not get America out, she will when she is President.”

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