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Segway used for ‘Ruff Glider’

By Anynmous



A year and a half ago Bill Davis was accepted to be a part of research project with Texas Tech University to show the increase of productivity when using a personal mobility device called a Segway. After receiving a Segway from the university, Bill discovered this would be a great device to commute to work on and purchased his own. On his commutes he was asked many times where to get one so he decided to become the local representative for Texas Segway, the area’s Segway dealer. {{more}}The Segway is such a different device, Bill says, “You think forward and you go forward, you think back and you go back, and you think stop and you stop, it’s just that easy.” The Segway originated from the idea of creating a wheel chair that would climb stairs by inventor Dean Kamen. When Bill talks to students in schools, he describes gyros and uses the balancing of a baseball bat in the palm to demonstrate how the Segway works.Bill has a 12 mile daily commute to his Texas Tech University office in downtown Abilene. Bill said “You would think gliding to work each day would be enough but when I saw the logo for the Ruff Riders football team something clicked that there was an opportunity for me do something else.” He has become one of the mascots for the Indoor Football League’s Abilene Ruff Riders. Wearing a large cowboy hat, mask and a cape the “Ruff Glider” glides across the field each home game. For ticket information to see the “Ruff Glider” and some exciting football call 325-677-Play.

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