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By | February 4, 2021

Super Bowl LV Preview: Super Bowl LV Preview: B1rady & the B2uccaneers are meant to 2B.

One thing everyone should expect out of Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay is its aftermath euphoria. If anything can pacify a pandemic, it is the love of the game. Its like an early Christmas for Tom Brady will stand below the Super Bowl mistletoe again and look to lock lips with mega-greatness. This is perhaps the most flirtatious and hard-to-get kiss of his decorated NFL career.

Brady has ironically been slain in the biggest games on the biggest stages- only by the Giants, twice. He has also won six rings, more than any other player in history. Now, to punctuate his quest of the fearless, perhaps the most goliath adversary of them all stands across the turf and glares back below the mistletoe.    Mahomes and the mighty Chiefs are highly favored to triumph over the weekend against Tampa Bay, in Tampa Bay.

Super Bowl LV is the stage for perhaps one of the greatest competitions ever. Tell us why that is and we may even publish you're viewpoints
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will square off in Super Bowl 55

Brady does not care though.  He was a sixth-round pick from Michigan that did not see playing time in college until his junior year and only played in a single game as a rookie with the Patriots.  Then when Drew Bledsoe was injured, the saga began and persists now.  Brady basically hand-selected to play for the Buccaneers, who went 7-9 and missed the playoffs in 2020.  If Brady could hand select an opponent on his already hand-selected stage and with his hand-selected team he would hand-select Patrick Mahomes and the defending Super Bowl Champion, record-setting, 14-2 Kansas City Chiefs.

When the confetti falls in Tampa Bay, in the 55th Super Bowl, make absolutely no mistakes about it… This is Brady World and regardless of then and now, all that matters is this: anything can and will happen in Brady World and the beat will drop to the sound of “The Weekend” (all puns intended) at halftime while Tom Brady in Tampa Bay goes totally berserk to win Super Bowl 55 because it was meant To Be.  And it is Christmas in Brady World.

              -Jack Walker

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