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Saving Money As A Pet Owner

By Anynmous



Households nationwide continue to tighten belts, but when it comes to your pet’s needs, figuring out what expenses to cut is tricky. {{more}} “As the economy continues to make our lives more challenging we must make choices that can be painful,” said Robert Nager, Pet Sitters International’s 2008 Pet Sitter of the Year and owner of Boston-based Decadent Dog. “As pet owners, let’s not forget that a pet should be included on a family’s priority list.” Here are Nager’s top money-saving pet tips: Make sure pets are healthy: Although regular veterinary checkups will incur expenses, maintaining preventative health maintenance will help avoid unexpected and more costly health issues. There may be a tendency to cut back on checkups, which could place your pet at risk for expensive illnesses. Keep pets in shape: If your dog or cat is not getting regular exercise and gaining weight, it’s at risk for many critical illnesses that requiring intense and expensive veterinary care. Take your dog out for regular walks and play actively with your pet daily. This will keep them mentally and physically stimulated, and will help you bond and enjoy each other more. Consider making pet treats at home: There are many free recipes available on the Internet to enable you to make healthy, cost effective treats. You can vary the flavors, experiment with different shapes and even swap ideas with other local pet owners. For more pet information, visit

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