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Saint Bobby and the Peculiar Patronage of Jordan Spieth

By Floyd Miller



By West Texas Tribune Sports Editor, Jack WalkerHis cut-shot was flirting with a greenside bunker until, in his estimation, ‘a puff of wind at the last moment’ blew the ball onto the right edge of the green and from there it rode a ridge and stopped within 15 feet of the hole -Alan Shipnuck, Sports Illustrated. Oh, glorious Saint Andrew… pray for us! Right around the corner the Grand-Slam sways in the distance despite the steady acceleration fueled by oblivion’s contemporary excitement of one too many dreamers. Saint Bobby knows the story well when it comes to the “Home of Golf” and the four –for- four in one year quest of ulitmate beautification. Robert T. Jones, the hands-down, greatest non-professional athlete of all-time –literally- corralled Saint Andrews Golf Course in Fife, Scotland winning the Amateur Championship and first leg of the wind-kissed grand-slam. Jones is perhaps Golf’s original and most genuine Evangelist, he conquered –all in 1930- the original four legs of perfection that is, the most decorated of them all, the redeemer of the game through the early 60’s all the way into the mid to late 80’s, surpassing even Saint Arnold himself, Arnold the Palmer that is not Arnold the Pilsner. While the devotions are as precious as gold, Nicklaus will forever be Golf’s “Golden Bear” even when compared to a ferocious Tiger , make no mistake about it… Perhaps the game’s “Golden Boy” has finally arrived. Enter: Jordan Spieth, barely of legal drinking age the phenomenon is real, but is the kid capable of being canonized like the other great Saints of Golf or is he merely a prophet or momentary flashy prodigy that will drift away with the begotten shots misplaced somewhere behind the “road-hole” of Saint Andrew’s Old Course’s seventeenth green….? Spieth won the Master’s at Saint Bobby’s Augusta National in dominant fashion, even after it was made “Tiger-Proof” several years ago. Coming off his first major victory in as many tries, Spieth lifted the U.S. Open Trophy at Chamber’s Bay in Washington and is halfway home to history. Some might argue that it was –runner-up- Dustin Johnson’s three-putt from 12 feet that actually lost 2015’s second major championship but it’s very difficult to debate with the “puff of wind” aided strike of brilliance at the Par 3 sixteenth that set up a winding putt that Spieth snuck in the side-door, propelling him to the top of the leaderboard, again. A peculiar patronage indeed, but my goodness is it breathtakingly beautiful and full of veneration that the glorious apostle, fisherman and celebrated patron Saint of Scotland himself will warmly welcome the easy-going challenger to a links course that turns, winds and moves almost as gracefully as a puff of wind… at the last moment. Oh, Glorious Saint Andrew, Pray for Us. Follow WTT SPORTS Editor, Jack Walker on Twitter @MediaStringer.

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