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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | July 1, 2012

Where there in inner peace…a sunshines glowing on my face Yet at times…sadness seems to stayawhile Inviting itself to my gravity ofsocial smiles and happy graces. Trying to blend in with my joyfilled days kind of style.   I tend to feel the water so wetwhile I try to step in the deep.. Suddenly…crashing waves comerushing in as if to sink me As my body clings to the survivalangel winds of memories Happy ones that made me what I amtoday….I am me.   Staying afloat with my God numbereddays..connecting my inner being with all good.   Neither am I perfect….nor am Ipure like the ocean that washes up on the bay…leaving it´s holyscent of cleansing waters behind…I am onlyunique….I am me.