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Sacred Relationships

By Staff Reporter



Contact: Jennifer Bass, media relations specialist 325-674-2696Healthy Relationships week, Feb. 22 – March 6, will focus on “Sacred Relationships,” featuring guest speakers Dennis Lowe, Emily Scott-Lowe, Gary Thomas and Everett Worthington.Healthy Relationships week, {{more}} sponsored by the ACU Counseling Center, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy, Department of Sociology and Social Work and the Spiritual Life Office, is an annual week of activities and sessions designed to educate students, faculty and staff on how to form and nurture healthy relationships.Dr. Everett Worthington, professor and past chair of the Department of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, will present two sessions focusing on forgiveness. Worthington says his life mission is to help promote forgiveness in every willing heart, home and homeland. He has published 17 books and more than 150 articles and chapters. His sessions will provide a research and practice-based understanding of marriage and forgiveness in marriage.Author Gary Thomas will give three presentations throughout the week titled, “Sacred Marriage and Parenting,” “Authentic Faith, Sacred Pathways and the Glorious Pursuit,” and “Common Blessings; Familiar Miracles.” Thomas is the founder and director for the Center of Evangelical Spirituality and is an adjunct faculty member at Western Seminary in Portland, Ore., where he teaches about spiritual formation. He is also an instructor on spirituality in the Koinos program, a consortium of churches and theological institutions working together to make theological education accessible in the Northwest. A successful author, Thomas has published Sacred Marriage , The Glorious Pursuit , Sacred Pathways , and Seeking the Face of God .Drs. Dennis Lowe and Emily Scott-Lowe, both of Pepperdine University, are nationally known marriage and relationship specialists. They have conducted seminars on marriage, parenting, and relationships throughout the U.S. and internationally. Dennis and Emily’s presentations are practical, informative and fun and are designed to help couples develop more satisfying and lasting relationships. They will be presenting three sessions during the week “Maintaining Your Marriage in School,” “Developing Healthy Relationships” and “Making Smart Choices in Your Relationships.” For more information and a full schedule of events, go to or contact Kurt Boyland at or 325-674-2626.-30-

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