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Ruby Lou Johnson’s 100th Birthday is June 26th

By Joe Starkey



Ruby Johnson was born June 26th, 1910 and is a bright person with a good sense of humor. On living to 100 “It’s not bad” and she gave her two reasons she has lived this long as starting exercise early in life and putting cocoa in your coffee every morning. She and her sister had a cow apiece to care for which kept them busy. She told me that she is not the oldest in the family as her older sister turned 101 in February. She went to work on graduation from High School for AT&T. Then she worked 18 years for Sears.{{more}} She and a friend got up at 5 AM for 13 years to go walk three miles every morning and continue her plan of daily exercise. The walking partnership dissolved when her friend had children.Asked what was the most fun in her life, she replied that it was her 10 cousins. They partnered up and “had fun every day.” She met her husband playing basketball and baseball. He played baseball for Elmdale HS and she played basketball for Hamby HS. They kept meeting at the games and “finally got serious.”She now enjoys walking to Patterson’s every morning for breakfast. Thus both of her secrets for long life are met as she gets exercise walking there and cocoa in her coffee when she gets there. She bowled till she was 75 and still plays 42 but “not all night” as she did till she was 80. She has used a walker since she broke her hip three years ago but is determined to walk on her own again. Her family was limited to one child but she had three and so forth until now she has seven great-great grandchildren.It was a joy to meet this lady and hear her stories.

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