Road Traveled Alone

 King Solomon Baptist Church

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By Brotha Gregory Hill | April 1, 2009

Today was a lonely day it seemed I had to travel alone,No one to help me through/ no encouragement to push me forward,I ask quietly for guidance but it just wouldn’t come quick enough,My fight was my own and my struggle looked in vain,The ones who confessed profound love turned out to run out,Conditional love vanished like vapors in the clouds/ like mist in the morning,No hands to push me just backbiting and name calling,Even heard some racial slurs that made me stumble,I looked for every alternative even begged and plead for help,My voice fell short and my cries were plenty/ but still the road was traveled alone,Hopeless, unemotional, and tattered to the bone,No fire to push me ahead just a slow drag and a wanting to fail,The stillness around me had me in tune with my surroundings,Unaccustomed to sluggishness but the further I go the slower I become,Until I see the end is near and the light is just an arm length away,I turn a stare back behind me to this road I traveled alone…..By Brotha Gregory Hill #1197550